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Why do white people think they are better than everybody . Even the white trailer thrash act this way .?
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Why do white people think they are better than everybody . Even the white trailer thrash act this way .?

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White people hide their true hate inside nothing has changed they know how to hide their fear of Mexican people taking their jobs and women away . You get into a fight with a white boy the first thing he say is you fraeking mexican i am going to kill your beaner butt .And then I whip his butt tahts makes me feel good to make he feel pain .


I do not know any whites who "think they are better than everybody."

Well, I'm not one of those who hide my hate. White people are more civilized, so what? You hate us because of it? Maybe you should change your ways, you know, start acting civilized as well. But from the look of your avatar, you look like a white guy.....are you a race traitor?

Cause most ppl feel better when they put other ppl down. Its messed up, I know.

You must be hanging out with the wrong people.

Maybe if you stopped hanging out at Klan rallies you'd meet some whites who don't really care what color your skin is.

i do u in ur trailoer. or ur car. u buy me 40 oq? u makea mi hornee. COMMOM

Suburban chocolate
I think they've been acting the same way since slavery

Im white and have wandered this myself.I have family I dont talk to anymore because my boyfriend is mexican.

Isn't generalizing about an entire race or color a RACIST thing to do?

Are you a racist?

Gee, when did we meet? Quit generalizing.

Non-Compassionate Liberal
Judging by your avatar, you want to be White.

Because you live in America, fool.

funny, i thought that about the arrogant illegals that demanded rights they don't have...one guy said if we behave while Mexicans come up to take over our country, they'd let us live...

Who said that? My issue is with illegal immigration.

Its people like you that inspire the hate within me.

That's an excellent question. I wish I knew the answer. All I know is, I'm white and I don't act this way. Its really down to the individual.

michelle b
All I can say is Shut the freak up... and don't generalize about white people cause I don't think that I am better than anyone except maybe u! have a great day!

I know a lot of good, honest hardworking white boys who are loyal to their friends, their wives, their country and believe in God and they don't think or act like they are better than anyone. Have you got some inferiority complex problem because you certainly do not know the people I do.

Look in the mirror. "Trailor Trash" is a racist and classist insult almost exclusively used against whites. Claiming that white people yell insults in a fight ignores how the fight came about in the first place. Almost all fights I've ever seen, regardless of the relationship, was tit for tat, except when blacks or Mexicans are harrassing white people and for some lame *** reason don't expect them to respond. Yes, when you constantly harrass that white boy, he will eventually return in kind. You do need a dose of your own medicine. Leave the white folk alone and 99 times out of 100 they won't bother you. The other 1 % is drunk and all you gotta do is duck and walk away.

I assume you re directing this Q at me so hear me out. If you are a true American , registered for the draft, fly the American flag (The rebel flag is an American flag whether you like it or not), Stand against illegal invasion,(no matter what color you are), then you are better than most!

every other race thinks the exact same way. why cant we? i love being white. i would never be anything but white. I'm sure that's how mexicans and blacks and asian people think about themselves. don't ask stupid questions. by the way aren't you white?

I realize you modern public school students aren't too literate. But, the name for a racist mentality is ethnocentrism. Those who are worst in this area actually are the least educated people, that you call trailer trash though you can't spell it.

The better educated people usually (but alas not always) are more accepting of different people from different nations and ancestries.

Your comment is actually somewhat racist in nature.

Oh will you shut the **** up.

acceptance of the truth

So sad to hear you talk like this. NOT all Whites act this way, so you are Wrong there. Tell me what White trailer trash are? I guess as a white person, I have never heard that before. Do you suppose it is only the ones you know. Why would you want to confront someone like that and then be proud that you beat on him? I hate to tell you this, but it sounds like you are the one with a hang up against Whites? Sounds like you are too sensitive or my main feeling is that you have a problem getting along with what you call trailelr trash. Self analize yourself. Probably it is you. Don't be so sensitve.
Don't say all Whites are that way, because they are NOT. I respect the other races. They are God's children too.
And God Loves You , TOO !!!


In this life of mine.
s.hit if they say there better than me and they only know one language and i know three then apparently there not sh.it compaired to me.... ill speak in Spanish,English and French... ill even throught you some german in there if you say your better than me..

TG Special
That isn't true. I believe many yuppies do. I know uppity yuppies that have their nose in the air that are black, white, hispanic, asian, not that I am some PC moron, trying to spread it out evenly in a phoney fashion.
Quite frankly, in my opionion, I believe that I am better than most people, not just whites, but in general.
Most people don't know Sh*t from Shinola. People actually watch reality tv, morons. People listen to rap and the crap on commerical radio, morons. And don't even get me started on politics!
I know a lot of dumb people that went to college, but most college graduates are more educated and make more money. A higher percentage of Whites went to college and make more money, that is probably the answer to your problem.
I live in Orlando and there are lots of trailer parks around here, and I don't see arrogance coming from those people. They probably don't even know what arrogance is or how to spell it. Capeche?

Ha, ha, ha, and ha.

For me it was simply where and when I grew up. Growing up on Long Island in the 50's and early 60's my friends and I really didn't have any interaction with other races. We went to school with black children, but there were not many or any hispanic children that I recall. Actually, I still really don't think of them to this day. They have their lives and I have mine. I do think, from the media reports, that they do act a little uncivilized sometimes, but who doesn't.

I'd like to thank all mexicans if it wasent for ur short ugly asses ur women wouldn't be all over me now I can have whom ever I want. If you doubt I'll make your girl sneakout

Because the have an appetite for war only. Their hunting is unrespectable they kill for the game no feeding they don't know they are actually not americans the native americans are americans. By the way you murdered them to. They claim to be true FULL BLOODED murricans they follow stereotype's they hate anyone who offend's their country.

most white people dont want to admit it but they are low key prejudice and or racist and you know why well coming from experience i can list examples this is all from my heart im not lying. 1. i live in a white neighborhood and I was posted at a gas station minding my own buisness when a cop pulled me over at the gas station to ask for my id i had nothing illegal on me and he came out of nowhere to just pull me over He didnt have probable cause to stop me but he already assumed i was a criminal because the color of my skin was brown. to be honest the sad truth was , I was racially profiled for the color of my skin. 2. My cousin who is white has broken the law many times before but was let go each time because he was white and he admits it himself. 3. if i were to talk like a mexican at work or to white people i would be looked at different or in disgust. i would be fired at work if i were to talk like a mexican. 4. most people assume that im a criminal because im mexican or that I have commited crimes in the past. 5. when i shave my head bald people assume im cholo or a gangster. 6. the sad truth is that the sterotype is blacks and mexicans are the people who commit crimes and thats the type of people what police go after. Thats why their is a heavy police presence in the mexcian and black neighborhoods. you dont see police patroling white neighborhoods like they do to blacks and mexicans. 7. and for the white people who dont want to admit thier predjuice ask yourself this question how many friends do you have that are black mexican or even asian for that matter compared to how many white friends you have. i bet you have more white friends than you do colored people. i already know this but most people prefer thier own race. 9. you only see smoke shops,liqour stores, income tax, strip clubs. crack spots prostitutes in the black and mexican neighborhoods but you dont see that in white neighborhoods.

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