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Why do white people who hate mexicans tan themselves as as brown as a mexican so they actually look latin?
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Why do white people who hate mexicans tan themselves as as brown as a mexican so they actually look latin?

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I said white people who hate mexicans--not all white people. I know not all white people are racist. There are some good people out there.


So true! It really is just a fashion statement though. Porcelain skin used to be in the in past few centuries, but now a tan is looked upon as a healthy glow. And don't mind the people who call you racist, sometimes observations can be innocent enough but filled with loaded words.
It amuses me to see people calling the question racist, sometimes people can't handle criticism, or see the folly and intolerance in their own beliefs. They want to have the healthy glow but still see themselves in a privileged position and until people can sympathize with the oppressed and disadvantaged, people will attack anyone who they see as attacking themselves.

omg... what a question.... or comment..

I don't know any that do, I don't hate mexicans but I love my pale skin. Now, why do mexican women that say they hate "gringos" dye their hair blonde?

Razor Jim
Getting a tan has nothing to do with looking latin. It also has nothing to do with illegal immigration.

Who told you that "WHITE PEOPLE" hate Mexicans? Is this something taught to you by your parents? I am WHITE,and I have many LEGAL MEXICAN FRIENDS that are great people..... You need to find something better to do with your time,than to become a young "RACIST"....

Sweet Tea & Lemons
OMG !! LOL!! Questions like this one is why Yahoo should not allow teenagers on the immigration board. This question has not value at all. I can't stop laughing !!!

i think its funny how some people ACTUALLY think thats why we tan in the first place.....dont flatter yourself....oh and thanks for the 2 points :)

They don't.

Please --is this seriously the best you can do? REALLY?

Doesn't this rightfully belong on Style & Beauty?

why do u say white america hates mexicans? im confused! i dislike illegals helping to drain our economy! and i know many mexican americans who cant stand the fact that they work hard to make their families live better just to see it wash down the drain because of some big mouth wannabes, why is it that mexican americans children write such crap? if their dads and moms knew the junk they wrote believe me the computer is gone fast.... so stop the BS, make your family proud

Marilyn T
Not everyone can tan. Some people can get skin cancer.

I suppose it never crossed your mind that it's not about skin color at all. But then you would be forced to recognize the fact that there might be other legitimate reasons for someone to not like you.

It is questions like this that keep racism alive.
stop spreading the hate

That's a stretch.

Jeffery C
Why do people ask stupid questions?

Your to fixed on the skin, dont over look the culture of corruption, this is where the anger roots from,the skin is all good- the language barriers, and disloyalty to this country is the center of this matter

♥ ♥Be Happi♥ ♥
Stop with the tanning to look brown, tan, black, etc... you people really need to get a grip on life.

There are many more things in life more important on who is tanning or not tanning, so why keep asking this?

Mexicans aren't the only "brown" people you know.
But some people need to stop doing that, it is really disturbing, especially the ones who look orange.

I happen to be Native American, and recent not only ALL illegals in this country who come in many colors, and from many countries. But your insinuation as well that all white people hate all Mexicans. In fact the Mexicans who we all happen to like should be offended by your persnickety question as well if I were them.

Here's a question for you racist bigot. What color do you think they would be if clothes were not invented? Or anyone for that matter? Not just the White people.

Also why have you asked a question that other racist people of color have asked as well. Not very original at all are you.

American Man
We like TANS, not BROWNS!

Thats what i want to now! I see some white people that are even tanner then me! And im Mexican so i have that beautiful brown color in my skin! Those people wish to get our color, they go to tanning booths, beaches and get these artificial tans, it just makes me laugh when i see a white person tanner then me!

I don't know but I've wondered the same thing myself......Maybe one reason is because it makes you look slimmer that what you really are. I can't tan.... I only burn.

Juar Juar
They're jealous

LOL! I love this question!!!!!! It is sooooooooo true, because they sure the hell do! I myself am not latina--I'm Native American, and I can't spit without hitting some overtanned, leather skinned, bad dye jobbed blancita!!!

santos laguna
that is a goodone , they dislikes us so much that they actualy want to become one of us. . what a world , what is next Michael Jackson goes black again?

Excuse me....I was looking for the restroom....opened the wrong door....silly, stupid comments here.

people please stop being racist with each other im mexican with a light tan why cuz im mostly of european descent some are blonde ants or brown light skinned family and ofcourse some are darker cuz of a more indian mix but the bottom line they look beautiful they are models like one you see in beer posters or magazines and i never see them complaining, i wish i had a tan so please be proud of what you are and what you look like if it wasnt for our european descent and native americans we wouldnt look like we look know.. and yes mexico still has racial problems with in themselves but i bet you their innocent children like me will soon grow out of the extremely ignorant previous generation like most white children in the US are doing know

what the hell? It is impossible to look latin, especially mexican since mexico has white brown black and indigenous looking populations

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