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Why doesn't madonna adopt homeless kids from the streets of london?
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Why doesn't madonna adopt homeless kids from the streets of london?

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annie m,if she had down-syndrome would that be a no no? whats wrong with simple?


As far as I can see, the fashion, as set by Mrs. Jolie, is to adopt cutesy foreign children. I suppose maybe we shouldn't complain too much because in the end a child is getting adopted..
As long as everyone remembers that they're not just for Christmas.. Bad taste, I know.

Meow the cat
Because Angelina made it fashionable to have African kids. I just worry what will happen when they are no longer the fad of the moment.

This country's just to saft fraid we v'e got another WOG,COON,SPADE, And she's got the publicity, what about the immigration laws ?

#1 Baby Girl Due this summer
how about a homeless kid from America- she's American.

Because you never help those around you in need.

Fred C. Dobbs
Because she wouldnt make the news as much. Madonna is only interested in one person, herself. Her only talent is promoting herself, and she is the most over-rated person there is.

the same question occurred to me. No need to jump on the Brad Angelina bandwagon...

shes just wants a little chocolate black boy to add to her collection. why she could not off adopted a child from new Orleans there is lots of orphans there

too pale

Now THAT wouldn't make the headlines would it? I can't believe that this has been on the national news for the last God knows how long. Anybody else wanna share my sick bucket?

helo pilot cfi
competition with other looser stars to get notoriety why not donate the money to this child father instead? or kids from the LA Ny or any city in USA she's a loser

Because it's not "fashionable" to adopt a British homeless kid. It is if the kid's from the third world.

Because that's not cool enough for her, she wants to copy Angelina Jolie and start a new trend. She should think seriously about adopting the child, a child's for life MAD-onna!.

Michael H
don't be silly, thats just not fashionable

Because adopting a child in London wouldn't get her all the television, news, and tabloid coverage !! Also, as others have said... Angelina made it very chic to adopt Asian and African Children

And without that media coverage, Madonna would be just another rich old woman living in England... isn't she about to release an album ??

Smart MOVE Press Agent !!

Disgruntled Biscuit
I do agree that while she's trying to be a lot like Angelina, at least Angelina had the decency to adopt the legal way instead of the roundabout way. She also puts quite a lot of her time and money into humanitarian projects. I really rather respect Ms Jolie for that.

I don't think there's anything wrong with adopting from overseas, especially if you have the money to support the children, but somehow I feel that this poor chap will be cared for nearly 100% by nannies and carers. What's the point in adopting a child that you have little or no intention of caring for personally?

she would not get the same publicity and we could not say oh what a loving women otherwise

It's the "in" Hollywood thing to have a little African baby.

Mrs Hermione Potter
coz it's fashionable as said to get a kid out of town/country n it's cool n d in thing now..also she thinks kids in london, job of bri. gov to care for them n in africa,it's her job n angelina's.

Cos that isnt fashionable right now!

marilyn b
I agree with Angalina thing. She does not want any to out do her. (I went to school with her)

jean marc l
she knows nothing exept money

Convince Pete
i think it is because she prefers exotic pets.

hakuna matata
She thinks that she wouldn't look cool with one?

Easier to get sued if you adopt in this country.

Ni Ten Ichi Ryu
Is a homeless child from London any different from one in Africa? What difference does it make where the child comes from? Are you going to adopt a homeless child and give him/her a chance at a better life? If you or I or anyone else is then I think we can comment - it not then do we have a right to criticise?

Because by the time she had completed all the paperwork and went through the bureaucracy the kid would be 25 years old!

The British government doesn't care so much about African kids. Anyone can adopt one of those.

She'll probably have a team of nannies to look after the kid anyway. there's 1000's of russian kids in a poor state, she could have adopted a Russian kid.

I think a little brown kid adoption by her is like Waynetta Slob... "Every other mum on the estate has got a brown baby, why can't i have a brown baby ?",,,,

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