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Why is it illegal to kill illegal aliens?
Find answers to your legal question.

Why is it illegal to kill illegal aliens?

They are invaders, and putting a cap in their head would be patriotic, right?
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Americans can kill home invaders legally, is this not the same, but on a grander scale?


who said it's illegal.It's legal in my country.I killed two yesterday

uncle osbert
why is it illegal for me to kill you? do i know on sight how you became an american? will you check to see their papers first or just go a hunting in the barrios?

you benefit from the rule of law just as much as i do, that does not entitle you to carry it out if you can't do it reasonably. patriotism does not exist without civilization.

Prince Avatar
Read the 10 Commandments! Thou Shalt not kill! Period! What slippery slope are you headed down, if all you can come up with is killing? It's too easy to hate & be angry... try listening to others points of view, & step in their shoes once in a while. It's a big world out there, with trillions of different people & different ideas...are you going to kill them all if you don't like them? If that's the case...then someone similar, somewhere out there could say the same about you. I take it you don't want someone murdering you for who you are, what you beleive, or think or do. Me thinks you doth protest too much?

La Tuca

my friend went to mexico on vacation, and he went missing. his family wnet to the sheriff down there. three weeks later they saw the sherriff driving the guys truck.
good old mexicans for ya

Because a life is a life.

A person that is invading your home presents eminent danger. That is why it is legal to "kill" them. A person entering your country illegally is annoying, and it costs us money, but they all do not pose a danger to us. So comparing the two is not a fair comparison.

The same reason it is illegal to kill legal citizens...it,s against the law, and inhumane. besides they are people just like you and i, how would you like to be in there sights.?

sincerely, see me
It is still murder, and unauthorized. What is funny is that they can kill us US citizens south of the border and no one really knows anything about it but if we do the same it is all over the news.

ACLU...these people shouldn't be shot because of low life cash grabbers taking advantage of the cheap labor, and a government that is scared of bent wrist lefty tree hugging libs! I say find the guy hiring them and drag his a$$ out and kick it around! It works , trust me!


The reason it's illegal is because it's against the law. I know lots of people are fuzzy on the concept of law, but let's try.

Under common law, Homicide is the killing of another human being. Murder is the killing of another human being with malice (intent to kill/harm, or depraved indifference).

Notice the word "human being". That word doesn't make distinctions based on someone's immigration status.

So, why is it legal to kill people during war. Well, technically it's not. It's still homicide. However, there are defenses (called justifications) that say sometimes homicide is not punishable. For example, if you kill someone to stop them from killing you, or your child or spouse -- that's self defense or defense of others. It's a justification for homicide. The same applies when a solider kills an enemy soldier during a recognized military conflict.

Now, if that illegal immigrant was a member of an armed force that was attacking, during a declared conflict, a solider would have justification in shooting them. Just as a civilian would if the illegal immigrant was about to killed them or their family. But in either case, it's not the immigration status that makes any difference. The justification is based on what the (now-dead) person was doing that provoked the lethal response.

Failing to fill out paperwork does not justify a lethal response.

Even if the are illegals, They are still in the human race...So cool down,Before you get yourself into trouble...


It doesn't seem to be in Mexico...


because we haven't declared war yet we're waiting on Washington to do the right thing.

They've killed 28,000 Americans - we are in their sites.

Go away.

Sure dude. Help yourself-go for it. We'll read about you on the news.


before you tree huggers get your blood pressure up.. I do believe this is an attempt at bad humor lol.. chill people

Nope it would be stupid. With out us there's no you, AMERICA!! EL SALVADOR PARA SIEMPRE

unless your a pure Indian.your an illegal to. should you be shot? if you live in California or the lower part of Texas. did you know that your living on stolen property from the Mexicans. should them people be shot? wouldn't that be Mexican right? or wrong?

No. You are evil and ignorant. REPORTED

wanna balloon??
Whoever said it was illegal? Go on and slain a few beaners!....Oops! I don't think you've got the nerve to, right? You're just another sissy hiding behind a PC. Bet you haven't even gotten your pubes yet.

If you don't like how things are in your country, rise and do! Instead of sitting in your a s s and whining like a coward *********!

A Mexican.

A Person
It is called murder.

The reason you can't kill illegal aliens is because then we would have noone to pick the beans

It shouldn't be illegal to kill freaking illegals cause they are screwing up our country. Why the hell should we have to learn spanish just because those fucking beaners can't speak english. You fucking wet back beaners need to speak english when you come here then maybe you would be able to contribute and do something besides stealing from the economy and getting away with it because most of our politicians are dumb fucks that can't do anything right including getting rid of you fuckers. God damn mexicans are worse than fucking roaches.

hell yeah it's perfectly legal to kill illegal scum. whose going to know they are undocumented! lure them from the work site, promising them a high ratre of pay...then have them start digging a trench. when trench is dug, fill it and cover in the dirt yourself. i've used this trick on hundereds of dead illegalsss!

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