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Why is there so many people hating on Mexicans?
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Why is there so many people hating on Mexicans?

allot of the questions that people put are just to put down others for example...Mexicans...God created everyone equal, the bible does not talk about how one race or ethnicity is better than another...There are criminals from every single race in the World so why concentrate in only one...there is good and bad in every single race! so stop all the racism people and GET A LIFE????


I don't hate Mexicans!
I think they have a very interesting culture and great food.

If I was going to make fun of a nationality it would be the Irish. They can't cook for ****. And I'm irish

Nurse M☺lly
While you preach about God, know that God set forth LAWS. These laws strictly forbid lieing, stealing, coveting what your neighbor has, etc.

Therefore, this would mean that in order for you to pity the Mexican plight, you believe that no Mexican has falsified documents and stolen identities, lied to US officials and employers about their origin and have not killed a single American in order to sneak across the border illegally and remain in a country that is simply NOT THEIRS.

Give me secession
I don't hear anything complaining about Mexicans, only illegal immigration.

And you probably wouldn't hear much about that if the hard working American taxpayer wasn't financing a nanny state.

Violent Left Wing Students rioted when Tom Tancredo attempted to give a speech against illegal immigration at the University of North Carolina sponsored by the student group Youth for Western Civilization. Chanting "Shut Them Down" and "Hate Speech is not Free Speech," hundreds of students rioted. They broke a window at the auditorium and police had to use pepper spray and threaten to use tasers to try to subdue the crowd.

Tom Tancredo Responded:

"Sadly this kind of violence happens every week on a university campus somewhere in the country, but I feel sorry that the students who came to hear me speak were denied that opportunity, The multi-culturalist radicals on America's campuses have declared open warfare on free speech, and for the most part, they are getting away with it. There is no freedom of speech on hundreds of university campuses today for people who dare to dissent from the radical political agenda of the socialist left and the open borders agitators.Mob rule has become business-as-usual on American campuses, and no one has the courage to deal with it -- not administrators, not trustees, and not legislators."

It is not Mexicans, it is the ILLEGAL ones that Americans have issues with!!!

I have a life and no one said anything about mexicans,, illegal mexicans - yes, illegal russians - yes. illegal from all over - yes!! It is just they are the majority of illegals committing crimes and coming here with out consent from our government. why are they illegally coming to our country when it is quite clear they are not welcome here. I have different races in my family and all are against illegals. why do you not quit using the race card as an excuse for some people breaking our laws.

I think you confuse hate for a culture with hate for the rudeness and disrespect that illegal immigrants show by breaking our laws and entering the country without following correct procedures. Than once they arrive here they feel they have all of the rights of a legal citizen and oh by the way everyone should go out of their way to accommodate their lack of language skills ect.
For me it's not about race it's about disrespect and demands.

OK.....Calm down - take a chill pill or two!! I do not hate Mexicans, Canadians or anyone else that wants to live in the good ole USA! No better country on earth as far as I am concerned! What does make a lot of people ANGRY, me included, is illegal immigration!!! I have no issue with immigration!! JUST DO IT LEGALLY AND PAY TAXES LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!! And it so happens there are HUGE numbers of illegal Mexicans here in this country and they are getting attention in the media. And yep, you got it - it makes me mad that my tax dollars go to support them!!

John Q
Because Mexico is almost a failed state and their people keep coming into our country with no respect for the culture or language. Many only want to sponge money off of America to send back to Mexico.

If the Aztlan and La Raza f uc ktards left, the anti-Mexico sentiment would die off.

I think Mexicans are just as good as anyone else. I am just very wary around them because MOST of them (not all) act very poorly. I know plenty of respectable Latinos, and one of my best friends is Mexican. A lot of it has to do with the fact that many are illegal aliens. I can tell you that the most important thing I have is my US citizenship, and when people come here without getting citizenship, it shows me that they don't care about this country enough to be a citizen, so the DEFINITELY shouldn't be a part of it. That is really a pet peeve of mine.

Maybe because of your grammar?

It's not RACISM. I'm sick of people speaking that way.

people say that about mexicans because they tend to speak spanish here in the USA, which is rude.
Second, they take jobs that we need, especially during this hard time.

Sham Wow Obama
the bible does not talk about how one race or ethnicity is better than another.

You have obviously never, ever in your life read the old testament, or even how Jesus looked down on the Samaritins.

We don't hate Mexican. We hate illegals! Why? Listen closely and I will tell you. We hate illegals because they have no regard for the concept of law, immigration laws in particular. That is why. They are criminals, criminals, criminals. That is why. Get the pic?

In the bible there was slaves too, Should we have those again I THINK NOT.Get over it there are laws of our land that must be upheld and you and those of you that ONLY care about the "Mexicans"illegals need to get something straight I dislike all illegals being here no matter what color.I just so happen to live in Texas where illegal Mexicans are standing on our street corners(yeah that's right as someone with the nickname of Tony -says they are in the shadows of society-sure!!!.not in my town they are out there on the streets and even play soccer across the road from where they stand.)And just down the street they have little Mexican cafes,stores, we even have a Catholic Church here that has all of their masses in Spanish-so who is racist here?)Get over it all being about Mexicans, it all about being ILLEGAL.You people are such hypocrites you don't want us talking about Mexican but have no problem with not wanting to back up all illegals here, when was the last time you where marching for say an Asian,Canadian,or even those here illegally from other countries it all about the Mexican.And by the way I think since Obama went to Mexico today the news said that we have some 70% of the illegals here are Mexicans now that is a hell of a lot of Mexicans.

Beuanny Berainded ☺
It's very good to get the steam out, but... What is your real question?

Muerto Mujados
WoW are you stupid. Messicons aren't a race. It's a nationality. The reason we Americans don't like messicons is because of racist like you. If you believe messicons are a race you are a racist. If you live in America, the greatest country on earth, and you're an American citizen, the greatest people on earth, then you CAN NOT be messicon. PERIOD. If you are an American citizen but call yourself a messicon your are a bigot and a traitor. If you want to be messicon move to that third world shiit hole messico. Otherwise drop this crap about being messicon.

cynical bugger
I find Mexicans to be a genuinely earnest people. It pains me to see them leave their corrupt country for a decent way of life in most instances but I can hardly be expected to embrace their macho ideology which creates the very things that they are fleeing from.

DJ High Tek
I agree with you 100 & 10%. It seem this whole Immigration Issure front to back has always been based on those in Latin America. We are always hearing about these Human Beings coming into America and not one Positive Word is spoken about them in any way. People sneak into this Country from China just as bad but yet no one care to Discuss this. Immigration has always played the "Skin Color" Role and if this wasn't so then clearly it would have no focus on the Poor Nations of the World. And there's a lot that Nurse Molly need to understand about the Bible before she try to give Judgement and one of those things is there are two Laws. Man made and GOD Made. And Second she must have not been paying attention to the Good Book while reading because she is stepping on every single Word according to Matthew 25:40. She states that these Lands don't belong to the Mexicans and that is the very same as Lying on GOD the Father because this Country according to the Bible belongs to every last one of GOD's Children no matter what part of the World they come from and I believe her Church should tell her that if they really Study the Good Book. It's many things that People on here is making false Statements that GOD is against, Little do they know he is not in Support of this Deporting Business and comon Sense tell you that not to mention the Holy Bible. So therefore one must be very careful with what they are Reading if he or she is looking to live right. Because if anything Nurse Molly said was true what so ever this would only mean that GOD would like nothing better to do than to Deport one of his own and this makes no Sense so that should tell you something and those that think the same way as Nurse Molly. And about this Stealing thing what Molly and those alike is really doing is not only Lying on these Human Being but since Nurse Molly mention GOD she is also Lying on him because According to him this is a Free Country, Christ pick up that Tab so that Man would not have too. And if it was her Taxes that she was getting at this would still make her and those alike wrong because the only Money that belongs to you is giving back by the Government and that they keep is just as much as Dead Air as anything because it don't belong to no one Person but a Nation of Human Beings.

I haven't seen one yet.

Deelani Truth and preserverance
You have to understand. The media sensationalizes negative things about peoples bad judgement and unfortunately they target Mexicans, Blacks, Arab's and whatever else I failed to mention. One awful crime or multiple crimes ruin it for those of the same race who are innocently trying to make an earnest living. This is the way of the world. One country is not better than the other. Every country has something unique to offer. America is a great country for opportunity and fulfillment as is a lot of other countries. America just has more to offer. Racism is defined as ignorant. Do not challenge the ignorant. They are their own opponent. Be proud of your heritage, embrace it, teach those who lack knowledge about and you will find you have stood above the crowd. You are right God created every human equally so nobody has the right to judge.

Edit: The people who give the thumbs down are clearly among the ignorant.

Megan L
Because people think that illegal mexican immigrants are stealing jobs from good legal hardworking americans. But seriously who cares its not like its ALL of them.

Dr. Dan
You have to understand in life that people are going to be basing their views off of a stereotype. There is nothing that can be done to change their thoughts. I personally believe that every human being is eligible to achieve greatness. You just have to brush off negative comments because they only act as spirit breakers. I hope you can understand what i am telling. I also hope that this stereotype becomes less apparent in your everyday life.


Red Rooster
The process of becoming " American" should be made quicker and easier, and it is unfair and criminal to grant those that entered illegally instant citizenship, ahead of border crossing low life types. Of course consideration should be given to they that came and worked and became contributors to a healthy society as I'm sure many Americans would do if put in the same spot.

I know, I have a lot of friends that are mexican.
Just today during athletics, one of the white kids called the mexicans stupid because they weren't doing the drill right. How insensitive? We were all made equal and deserve to be treated as so.

I agree with you

Lack of education! Ignorance! I have no problem with them being here as long as they are legal! The sad thing is that many of the people complaining are the same ones that are to lazy and think they are too good to do the jobs they are doing here in the USA.

Americans love to have a group to hate. First it was black people. Now brown is the new black.

because people are racist, and the people who say that

"oh I have nothing against Mexicans, I have a problem with ILLEGAL mexicans"

are also racist. Those people are racist that want lewss Mexicans around.

alicia <3's u
they dont have a reason... their just racist

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