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Why should I have to know how to speak spanish to get a job in America? Shouldnt it be the other way around?
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Why should I have to know how to speak spanish to get a job in America? Shouldnt it be the other way around?

I think it is absurd to tell a United States citizen in order to get a job at Auto zone you must be able to speak spanish fluently. My nephew just graduated high school, he went to apply for a job at Auto Zone, and was told he had to be bilingual in English and Spanish, this is in Quinlin Texas, who gave them the right to demand that in America? If they cannot speak English then they are here not here legally. The law states you have to speak, read and wright English to live and work here in the USA. They demand it of other foreigners, yet they are telling us that we must speak Spanish. Hog wash.


you obviously are a very discriminatory american.

I bet for every job that you get denied for, you will file a lawsuit against that company just because they discriminated against you.

So if the ad says - must speak spanish - then WHY do you apply?? that makes you a stupid nitwit.

PS you can always MOVE AWAY from texas - say move north to Maine or Minnesota or Montana - they speak english in all those states.

wait a minute - Maine, NH and vermont might have some french speakers because they are all next door to a french speaking province!!

oops you cannot go to new england at all. try minnesota or montana.

minnesota is out - there are lot of scandinavians there - you have to speak norwegian or swedish -

last stop - montana - thats out too - BC next door has a lot of chinese and Alberta has a lot of ukrainians - you dont speak those languages either

mm - so where can you move to?

It's not nationwide, it's a job requirement specific to that store and that area, which obviously deals with a lot of Hispanic customers, and they obviously want someone who can communicate with their customers so they can *make money.*

Many people are here legally who cannot speak English well.

left the forum
Because, if you apply for a job that requires a person to know Spanish or another language, then you should know that language, simple as that.

Business are business, the people that hire can ask anything they want, that is the reality in the business world.

Besides, how do you know they are illegal just because they speak Spanish? Many American citizens and legal citizens know English and Spanish, and they are the ones that are going to get those jobs.

And I think Auto Zone, is not hiring illegals. They are hiring American citizens and legal residents that meet their requirements.

And in the business world, customers and money is the one that really matter. In ANY business. So when people apply for a job, employers are not there to cater the employees. Employees need to work to help the company to make money. You comply with the requirements, then you get the job. That's the way it is.

Crazy Dave
If you live in the U.S. learn to f@cking speak English! Unfortunately there are a bunch of idiots that do not feel the same way. If I immigrated to another country "legally of course" I would learn their language out of respect for that country and its citizens!

What law says you have to speak, read and "wright" (it's "write," by the way...how ironic) English to live and work in the US? Answer: there is no such law.

Secondly, my guess is that Auto Zone requires it because many of their customers speak Spanish (as you live in Texas) and they see it as a good business practice. I can only imagine how much business they would lose if their customers came in and were faced by some hateful salesperson like yourself. Honestly, how you live in Texas, of all places, and don't know any Spanish is really beyond me.

Seth D
Sidwell: I could simply not go by without responding to your comment about my state of Minnesota. Although we do not have as large of a latino population as some other states (particularly those in the southwest) we do have a visible latino presence here. In fact we have a Mexican consulate in the capital city of St. Paul. Is Spanish useful in a job? Yes, you will see job postings here that require you to be English-Spanish bilingual to be able to serve speakers of both languages. Currently I am a Bilingual Consumer Contact Center Assistant at a company here and was able to get the job because I studied the Spanish language in high school, college, and in Mexico.

Minnesota is in fact a quite well-educated and prosperous state despite the image that Hollywood has given us in films like "Fargo".

As far as the language issue goes of course I agree that those who live in the United States should learn English rather than DEMAND that the United States accomodate them. However, when companies hire bilingual personnel they do so not because they are FORCED to but rather because they voluntarily choose to speak the language of their customers and thus become a more profitable business. For example, when you go to Mexico you will meet many people in the travel and tourism industry who speak english. This is not because American tourists can force them to do so but rather because Mexicans know that they will get their business if they speak their language. U.S. companies are doing somewhat the same thing with the immigrant population. However, for whatever it is worth bear in mind that despite the massive Spanish-speaking population coming into our borders it is nearly impossible in most of the country to get a university education and a professional job without gaining fluency in the English language. I mean, can you even graduate from a good university in a state like California or Texas if you do not know English? English is and will continue to be for the foreseeable future the language of upward mobility and opportunity in the United States.

Sdfg D
I totally agree with u! im only a sophmore but i might not pass this year because they r making us take spanish! we have to take it 2 years to go to a 4 year college and 1 year to even be someone or get a job. i dont know if they are doing this everywhere but its the most messed up thing.

Effects of mass migration.

Ya heard me
I agree it is ridiculous. It is all for the mighty dollar and it is hurting U.S. tax paying citizens. Write/email/call your state reps on a regular basis to complain.

Joel W
Yes. The illegal aliens are voting in our elections at this point, and with the permission of the most powerful woman in this country. Nancy Pelosi needs those votes to maintain her position, and it could be we all will have to learn Spanish.. or perish.

I.C.E. Man
I Agree 100000000%



I also live in Texas..the situation is totally out of hand..Illegal entry into this country is a felony.,why aren't these rules enforced..they have ruined our schools, over populated jails, and hospitals..our older citizens are suffering because of this "BS".. try sneaking into Mexico .. don't think we will ever hear from you again..should be taken down at the border any way possible.

Are these people who are posting not from Texas? It is a little absurd to think that because I was born and raised in America, have a college degree and qualifications, am unable to get a job based on inability fluently speaking a language that I shouldn't HAVE to learn. Nearly every single job either requires that you speak spanish or, at least, prefers it. It is discriminatory. If you disagree it is either because you do not live in Texas or you speak Spanish, I am sure. In most countries a citizen is required to learn their countries language, not the other way around....

they should speak english regardless of the economy.thats a hate crime againts americans who dont know the language,just because that race feels powerfull in there language will never be in constitution,and just because therer of that race doesnt make them better and physcologically its in the mentall ability to conquer.

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