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Would you consider letting Mexico become a state of the USA?
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Would you consider letting Mexico become a state of the USA?

Besides Panima a smaller boarder to watch.
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And that 10% of there population is already here.


i think we should consider it not one big state but maybe if they had the rights they would stay there and make a better life for them selves if we are going to pay millions for them now why not control the land? i did like some of the other funnier answers too but we have to be realistic we are already spending money on health care and crime and trying to keep them out and its not working so try a different approach

Halo Mom
Why would Mexico want to be a state

Going from a country to a state, isn't that a step down

Cristina V
LMAO,How ignorant can you be and still get on-line.Mexico doesn't want to become ''a state of the USA''.Guadalupe Hidalgo was more than enough

Pagan Dan
What's a smaller boarder?

A boarder is someone who pays rent for a fee that includes meals. A border is the boundary between two nations, and I think that's what you mean.

Mexico is an independent sovreign nation, and I'm sure that the vast majority of Mexicans want to keep it that way.

Pure & Virgin, MD?
What we consider is not what matters. Mexico is a sovereign nation and they will decide want they want, not what we want.

NO. Mexico is bigger than any state of the USA.
Simply, Mexico doesn't need to be part of the USA.
And USAers would bring all kind of diseases ,more slavery and corruption to Mexico. NO thanks.

No thanks

Joel W

Daniel F
Mexico want nothing about the racist country, You need to fix your own problems, USA is on the verge of economic collapse.

Mic H

For what?

The US would loose so much more than it could gain in that scenario.

No. Why would we want to adopt that much poverty and corruption?


I see you would like push through the NAU/SPP. Perhaps a big supporter of it?! We already have a bunch of nut cases at the state capital that would like for that to happen. Fortunately for them they have U.S. citizens with common sense who are in their way to keep this from it's completion.

We could have about 160 years ago when we won the Mexican War because we had Mexico under our control. I think it's too late now.

No Way! Violent crime increase, disease increase, America is already short of food and we have thousands hungry, water is getting less and less...we don't need more welfare recipients to support. I get so angry. These people drive around in $60000 cars/SUVs, buy the best groceries, have beautiful clothes and we that work for a living are lucky if we have a car to get around in and enough money for the month for groceries and bills. they get:FREE MEDICAL/DENTAL/VISION/FREE FOOD/FREE UTILITIES...FREE EVERYTHING!

no way jose haha

we have enough problems here


Jedi Master Titus Pullo (USA)
HELL NO, we already got 10% of their population living in USA?

No way, Mexico has proven time and time again that it has nothing to offer but crime, drugs, poverty, and corruption.

John L

Obama The Trojan Horse
thats ok ill pass on that one

Because they would cripple our economy. They're already doing it in the border states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. Do New Yorkers want to pay for their free health care???

Why not? Lets make the whole world the United States of the Earth. I'll be the Emperor and let you do what ever you want as long as you don't mess with my stuff.
I admit, that is not very original as most of the congress and presidental candidates are already pushing for that.
Remember: Taxigringo for President.

Me again
No, but consider that if there is ever a national disaster in Mexico that kills a lot of people, the U.S. stands at the ready to send in replacement Mexicans. Sort of like a fish hatchery for Latin America.

Nope, but Obama probably will consider it

It seems that the better question is when will Mexico make the Estados Unidos a state of Mexico?

Ultimately, the question is pretty ambiguous. I think that if the mass majority of the Mexican Population were to request in some fashion through, outcry or perhaps a voted of some sort to be included in annexation or perhaps, a commonwealth movement...then it is highly likely. I for one believe that the combined efforts of both countries would definately improve upon the body of individuals lives that are currently effected by the ill advised border disputes, poverty and disruptions of ideals. Remember, the Aermican Somoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, Navassa Island and many others function quite well as commonwealth territores and at one point were also Countries and or nations on of their own. These commonwealths had the opportunity to become states or to become independant nations once again. During which through aide and assistance of the government of the US were able to work with the US and become highly stable countries when they were mor or less completely destroyed or in turmoil prior. Notable history: Texas, Hawaii and California were all at one points independant countries as well. Eventually, each on their own terms and with their own ideals requested annexation of their territories and I can foresee that another country eventually, conceptualizing this very same ideal. Don't judge either way without understanding that this is not a easy thing to do and is something that both the people of this country and the people of mexico would definately need to agree upon prior to committing to such an undertaking.

I think mexico should become a state because then we could go in and build on the land and fix the existing conditions, which would create jobs for people. Also the only problem we would otherwise need to solve would be the drug war in which case mexico would be under american law allowing us to enforce a better lifestyle for the people there.

synyster gates
I think that it should become a state or multiple states it would help both countries out help wit economy and also help with illegal immigration this merge would be a major helping hand to both countries and make them stronger, I'm just saying think about what it could do and how it could help.

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