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13. You can increase visibility in dense fog by using your:?
Find answers to your legal question.

13. You can increase visibility in dense fog by using your:?

13. You can increase visibility in dense fog by using your:
A. parking lights

B. high beam headlights

C. low beam headlights

D. flash light

E. none of the above


#1 Super Guy
C low beam headlights


F. your spiritual power

(truthfully, I don't know the correct answer but I know it isn't high beams).



Using low beams allows u to get a better view on the road

Brandon H
I am pretty sure its C. Is it dense fog at night or during the day? It's detinitely not B or D

Assuming you're driving a car, use your parking lights.
It will cut down on the reflection and glaring you get with your headlights.

C. Low beam headlights

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