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A car hit my uninsured car that was parked on the street. a police report was on my car. what to do? illinois?
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A car hit my uninsured car that was parked on the street. a police report was on my car. what to do? illinois?

knowing that this happened in chicago illinois, am i in a good position to file a claim, or am i in trouble because my parked car was uninsured. Help Please!


Fred C
Does the police report indicate they have confirmed who hit you? Then you can contact that person's insurance company. Is it just an accident report indicating a hit and run, unknown driver? Then there is nobody to claim with.
You have not given enough details to allow any kind of accurate answer. However, if you didn't care enough about the car to insure it, why are you worried about a claim, anyway?

You're not insured, you have no one to file your claim against.

But you can sue the driver of the car who hit your car, and you can sue the owner of the car who hit your car, in small claims court, for the damages to your car. And you'll win.

My car was hit when it was parked on the street. I only carry liability insurance because my car is paid off and had to cut back on my expenses due to be laid off of work. The person that hit my car has insurance but not enough to cover all my expenses. Can i sue him for not carrying enough insurance. Their is a police report, the person that hit my car was speeding and texting. HELP

Mrs Ali R.
I am in the same situtation right now. i did file a claim aginst the driver with their insurance company. Did you ever get this resolved, and if so, what happened?

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