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A drunk driver crashed his car into my house....?
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A drunk driver crashed his car into my house....?

I was under the impression that because he was arrested, and the accident was obviously not my house's fault, that his car insurance would have to pay for the damages to my house. However, my mother thinks that I will have to ultilmately claim this on my home owners insurance. Has anyone else ever had to deal with this?
Additional Details
I got a copy of the police report yesterday, and already started the claim paperwork. They are supposed to send an auditor out to our house by Wednesday.


Luis R
I just had that same situation 2 years ago. My wife crashed our car into the neighbors townhouse and our insurance assumed all the expense to repair their house. Did you get his insurance information? Call them everyday, ten times a day until they fix you up!

Unfortunately you might have to claim some of the damage on your homeowner’s policy if his limits of property damage are not enough to cover the repairs, hopefully it will be. Wait and see what his insurance says (but don't wait to long), you might want to go ahead and speak with your agent to let him/her know what’s going on.

I wish you the best of luck on this and I hope everything goes smoothly for you. Take care.

File the claim with your homeowner's insurance carrier. They'll go after the driver and his insurance company for compensation. Assuming that the driver had coverage, you should get your deductible back on your homeowner's policy.

Papa John
I'm almost positive that his auto insurance will pay for damages. A person's insurance almost always pays for their damage to other's property. Just as your homeowners will pay for your neighbors house if your child should do damage to it.

Above are good. Also, contact your Agent that handle your house insurance and tell him/her what going on, they may help push this or give you better advise than you get here.

If he has insurance, then they will cover, even if he only has a basic liability policy. Make sure that you are getting estimates in the meantime so you know what it's going to cost to repair. Include amounts such as any furniture in the house (if it was that bad) and your time spent having to get the estimates. Include time you have to take off of work. Your time is payable. Just make sure you have all your figures in line before you talk money with them!!!!

First thing you need to do, is get ahold of the parties insurance, but do not accept any kind of settlement, then call your homeowners insurance, and see what to do, at the same time I would call a good laywer for some free advice.. or consultation, depending on the damaged value of the property.

My former supervisor recently went through a very similar scenario, with one difference being that the guy who plowed into her yard and took out her tree and some landscaping did not have auto insurance. She did file a claim with her insurance company and they in turn went after the guy who caused the accident. This is what they could very well do with you.

And I've always been told that whenever/whatever, you should always contact your insurance company (which may be a good idea regardless to keep the other party on the up and up).

all he has to do is get a lawyer and deny everything, that it was a fault of his vehicle or something... it could drag out for years... sure you want to have your house wrecked for that long?

better off going through your home insurance.

The wonderful thing about insurance is that they can take their sweet time paying for your damage. If the driver of the car has insurance then you need to find out how much property damage they are covered for. If you have home owners insurance then you should contact them so they will pay for the repairs right away and then sue his insurance company to get their money back otherwise you have to have a broke house until his company decides to pay you. I just had a drunk driver crash into two of my cars and my neighbors car and he was only insured for $15,000 for property damage and there was over $20,000 in actual damage so we now have to take him to court to sue him personally for the rest of the money we are owed. You are probably not going to get what you deserve in this situation and for that I am sorry but it is best to let your insurance pay up front for damage and they stand a better chance of getting money from his insurance than you do! Good luck!

Yes. Because auto insurance companies don't do home appraisals and don't know how to evaluate losses to homes, you should use your homeowners. Add to that issues with coverage or liability under that person's auto policy and the potential that his property damage liability limit may not be enough to cover your damages, I'm sure you have your answer. Good luck!


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