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A drunk driver just hit my house last friday. What should I do, call driver insurance or my home insurance?
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A drunk driver just hit my house last friday. What should I do, call driver insurance or my home insurance?

A drunk driver just hit my house last friday. No one got hurt but my sun room (patio) is all damaged. My famlity also got scared to stay in the bedroom since the car hit some part of our bedroom also. What should I do, call driver insurance or my home insurance, or consult a lawyer?
Additional Details
Actually we call the police right away since it happened around 3 am on Friday morning when we was sleep in our bed room (my bed room is right next to the sun room). The police got the guy and might be his insurance policy number. but we did not write down any of his insurance info yet. It will take 10 days to get police report before I can call the driver insurance. Now I let my home insurane take care of it. I will talke a lowyer tomorrow. But should I call his auto insurance after getting police report? Will it be too late to call them after getting police report?


Noneya Bizz
Why haven't you already contacted your agent and the driver's agent? I hope you called the police and got a report as well.

File a claim with YOUR insurance company. They will then file with the driver's company to recover what they paid you. No need to mess with his company.

Old Guy
Notify your insurance company they will take care of the driver, I hope you know who he is!

Contact your home insurance co., it is their resposibility to pay you, and then go after the trucking co..

all three....and get the police report while you are at....why is it taking so long for you to act?

Fred C
If it is damage to your home, you definitely call your home insurerer. They will repair your home, and subrogate against the drunk. Do not start with the driver's insurance company, they are an auto insurer, not a home insurer. They will pay the bill, but the repairs will be arranged by your home insurance company. If this happened on Friday, and it was after your agent closed, you should have had a 1-800 claims reporting number, or been able to contact somebody on Saturday morning.

First call the cops, get the guy out of the car and then beat the snot out of him. Tell the cops that he got banged up in the accident.

mister ss
call your home insurance and they can tell you what to do, more than likely the drivers insurance if he has any will end up paying for your home damage. good luck.

Bill S
Call your home insurance company, and your auto insurance company if any damage occured to your car.

Call the driver insurance first, talk with them about getting the repairs started and get an estimate of the damage and get the name and number of represenative at the driver's insurance company, then call your home insurance and give them the name and number of the driver's insurance representative so your home insurance and keep track of everything and keep the ball rolling.

Or you could just call your home insurance and tell them what happened and take of it and have them bill the driver's insurance.

Whatever path you take, it's gonna take a couple of months just to get started. Legal red tape is tough to cut.

just had to throw in my two cents...

why would you get a lawyer? You are going to be giving away money towards your home repairs..... and who knows if there will even be any trouble? why not just talk to insurance?

Its not like you were injured and a lawyer can you get any extra "pain and suffering?" you will just get the value of your home repairs... do you want a lawyer to take some of that?

The first thing was to call the police. Did you get his name and license number? If you did then turn it in to his insurance. If not, then it will have to be on your home owner's insurance. Good luck

You want to go thru your homeowners policy. This may vary from state to state but where I am at an auto policy pays on an actual cash value basis and not on replacement cost. If you go thru the auto policy it may not may for 100% of the costs of the damage due to actual cash value. If you go thru your homeowners policy the damages will be taken care of, you will pay your deductible and your homeowners policy will go after the auto insurance company. When they get their money back they will send you back your deductible. It does take awhile to get the deductible back. There is no reason to contact an attorney. Go ahead, turn in the claim to your homeowners company and let them take care of everything for you.

Chris E
Contact a lawyer

I hope the cops were called and I have no sympathy for drunk drivers. I would call either insurance and they will let you know what you should do and they will get the money from the drivers insurance. Good thing no one was hurt. I don't think you will need a lawyer cause I hope the cops would charge him or even you if you have to. I hope he/she gets what they deserve. Good luck!

Well, let me think!
Okay, I'm done.
Did you insure you house with an automobile insurance policy?
Did your house hit the car the driver was driving?
Now it's your turn to think!

First, his insurance. Get an estimate of damage, they will want that. Then if you face difficulties you homeowner insurance probably, check your policy, can battle it out with his insurance if needed. A free consult with a lawyer wouldn't hurt, but definately his insurance. Stop waisting time and get all your information and facts gathered, keep good notes of everyone you talk to and everything. Be the most knowledgable so nobody can run over you. (sorry, no pun intended)

Nancy Kay
the driver is responsible for property damage, and if insured, his insurance should include property damage...your homeowner's coverage may also help...contact both. only need a lawyer if you are not satisfied with what both the car's and your house's insurance offers

You should call your home owner insurance, and the drivers insurance. You should also contact a Lawyer and sue the Heck out of the idiot for putting your family in danger, and attempting vehicular homicide. take the punk to the cleaners. Put him/her away. Get those DD's off the streets.

ann m
consult a lawyer

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