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Accidentally scratching someones car then leaving the scene without giving details?
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Accidentally scratching someones car then leaving the scene without giving details?

if someone is coming out of a car park space and scratches the persons car who is in the spece next to it, but then leaves without leaving any details of name, insurance etc, what can be done about this? firstly if the person doesnt have any way of getting the details of the person who did it and secondly if the person can manage to get the details of the person who did it?
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the scratch is quite big an noticiable. and i feel there may have been CCTV


I cant tell if you received the scratches or did the scratches but regardless...

the person whos car was parked would call their insurance. Insurance would investigate to see if they could find the at fault party (through security cameras/witnesses/etc.)

If they cannot find the at fault party the person whos car was hit would be responsible for their deductible.

you can't do anything its your word against there it could of been me and I live in el paso Texas......

Your hands are tied unfortunately, its really annoying though I left my car in a car park and it looked like someone had scratched it with a bike or something about 40cms long and quite deep, thats the risk you take when you leave your car though, not everyone is honest,
saying that though I have banged my car door on someone elses before (by accident) and said nothing (shame on me!!)

Usually car park damage is just absorbed by the owner. You could maybe threaten to sue the car park owner, or call the police and report the crime, however, this is usually just a waste of time (unless you get cctv footage)

-Its just one of those things isnt it? I agree with Gigi - pointless having an expensive car. People will key them just for fun.

I cant really understand from your message if you did the accidental scratching or if you had it done to you.

Either way, the incident is over and if its only minor damage then most cars are not pristine are they?

if you cant get hold of any details then unfortunately nothing can be done but if you have a registration you can call the police who will contact the third party and it can go from there.

Firstly check whether there is any cctv camera coverage in the car park. If there is contact the owners of the cctv and ask them if they can check it to see if you can get the car registration number. If you are out of luck, then there is not a lot you can do, unless someone else has actually taken the offending vehicle's details down and given them to you, but that is highly unlikely. You could also go to the local police station and make out an accident report. You never know the offending person may have a pang of consciounse and report it to the local police station. I have known this to happen in the past. Best of luck.

If there is no evidence of the incident (CCTV etc) then it is probable that the person who scratched the car will get away with nothing more than guilt (and they should have a lot of it, imagine if that happened to them, I'm sure they'd be upset!).

If there is evidence then, at worst, they can be taken to court for failure to stop at the scene of an incident. This is a crime that carries a small custodial sentence at the very top and a demand to cough up for repairs at the bottom.

If you have no info there is nothing that can be done. The police would let you file a report but if you think for one minute that they are going to drive around and look for your paint color on another car your seriously mistaken. If you can get their info then you call them and ask to be reimbursed. If they refuse then you take them to small claims court and you have to prove it was them and try to get a judgement against them. In all reality it would cost more in court fees than you would get in return so go you local automotive store and buy some of that matching paint color touch up stuff and put in on and buff it till it's shiny and quit whining.

Mark W
If you can not get the details then you will just have to claim on your insurance.
If you can find out who did it then I assume you will have to prove it since they left the seen and are not up to admitting their part in the accident

what your ment to do is leav your details with your name and address on the other persons windscreen. if they dont then there isnt a dam thing you can do about it. unless someone sees it and take the reg of the car and then hangs around to tell you

Nothing can be done about it unless you have a witness, I had to pay €400 to repair my car. I just hope there are people who are humane enough to admit they made a mistake a pay for it. I accidently backed into a parked car and no one saw me but I went to the door and told the person, I wanted to exchange insurance details and he said it was ok it was only a small dent, he refused payment for it so I guess it made up for the A**hole that hit me. Try and see if there were any cameras in the vicinity as well.

If you KNOW who did it (you really need to have gotten their license plate number) you can call the police and file a complaint. It would still be your word against theirs though.

If they haven't left any details and there is no CCTV or a witness to confirm the car that did it, then nothing can be done.

You shouldn't do that. If you got caught you could be arrested for leaving the scene of an acccident. Chances are no one saw it happen though so the person that got scratched is just screwed. Usually won't be more than the insurance deductable so if you want it fixed it comes out of your pocket.

If you have a witness, report them to the police, it is illegal to leave the scene of an accident, without giving any details. If no witness and its your word against their's then you are at a loss as the police would do nothing.
Depending on the damage they may do nothing anyway. If its a wear and tear scratch then you will find they don't waste their time in it. If its damage that would need a respray or a new panel, then they will interview the suspect, at least they will get their insurance details.

Bottom line, you are better off find them yourself and getting your revenge as this is the only way you will have them pay.

just contact the police and file a report. there is nothing you can do about it. unless there is a survelliance camera somewhere around. you just use this to learn next time u r parking ur car, it doesnt matter how far it is from ur destination, park it where there are not alot of cars around it.
i experienced this once and that is the best advice i can give u.
also see if ur insurance will pay for it

kevin p
very out of order should have waited or done something

richard n
If you have their registration number, you could contact the police. However, car parks are not public roads, so would possibly be a civil case, not a legal case, and the police would not be interested, especially as no one was hurt. Ask for CCTV from the store itself to see who got into the car, or just park up at the store on the same day of the week, and wait til you see it again. Then ask the driver ( probably a busy mum with screaming kids ) if she minds paying. If she is not forthcoming, when no one is looking, do the same to her car and drive off. Not great legally, but at least it should make you smile

If it was a private car park then not much can be done.
On a public road they could be accused of leaving the scene but if it's only a minor scratch then it wouldn't be worth pursuing

not much,,,sadly it probably says car is left at owners risk,this is what they say to stop people claiming damages.. :(

unless there were witnesses who took reg number etc then i doubt they will find you

if its just a scratch i doubt they will bother anyway

this sort of thing happns all the time but unless the damage is severe i doubt you have much to worry about, there may be CCTV though

and if they do find you just deny all knowledge of it

dont worry about the failing to stop at the scene of an accident, if you didnt realise you had scratched it why would you stop ?

one of the reasons i would never have an expensive car ;-)

I had parked my car behind Another persons car, I wS moving put and I scratched his car? I've been really worried and it wS outside a super Market, because it happened on a main road I pulled up on a side road. He came out and took my Nu plate, I told him I'd pay there and then but he refused. It wasn't that bad since I scratched his car. What should I do I'm extremly worried. I'm even more worrie since the car was not insured under my own name and will I receive a letter or get a phone call. Also the CCTV smart cars that run, if you forge to switch your lights on could they send you a fine. Someone please help!

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