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Am i allowed to have a drivers license in more than one state?
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Am i allowed to have a drivers license in more than one state?

I just wanted to know, if I have a drivers license from Maryland, do I have to get rid of it in order to get a drivers license in Florida.


Fred C
Florida is a special case. If you move to Florida, you turn in Your Maryland licence. However, if you were a temporary resident, like a snow bird, that spends the winter there and the summer in Maryland, you would get a Florida visitor driver licence, that is only good in Florida and you keep your Maryland licence because that is your principal residence.

your maryland drivers license will no longer be valid once you get a license in florida. Legally, you are required to change your license if you have moved to another state and you are also legally requried to notify the dmv if you change addresses within the same state.

Scott H
No, only one license in one state.

Florida will ask for your current license to obtain theirs. They will aslo check the DMV records for past violations. Nice thing about Florida is their 6 year safe drivers license. I think you have to wait until the second time you renew your license though. They also have classes you can take to remove points from your license if you get a ticket.

Nope, you have to get rid of the maryland one (but only after you get your Florida one).

One driver, one valid license.

Most states require you to turn in your license from the previous state at the time you get the new license. For commercial driver's, it is a crime to have more than one CDL.

Country girl
Within a certain time period (varies from state to state) you have to go to the local license bureau and get a license for the current state of residence. They will require that you relinquish your current license and sell you one for the state you are living in.

As far as I know, you can hold a license in more that one state at the same time as long as you have a residence to list on it. They didn't make me surrender my Michigan license when I moved to Hawaii for 6 months as a travelling nurse and got a license there.

yes. you must surrender your old license

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