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Are the police notified if your car is out for repo and are you denied car insurance in CA?
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Are the police notified if your car is out for repo and are you denied car insurance in CA?

If you get a ticket do the police know your car is being looked for for repo? Do the insurance company also know and will they refuse to renew your policy?


Madeline B
Repo men usually notify the Police right after they've hooked the car. The insurance company shouldn't have anything to do with it. They want you to give them money.

Also, a good place to check is...


Hope that helps.

not likely to tow company just comes by and gets it and you neve rknow sometimes when or where it will happen it will just be gone they don tneed the cops or the insurance company they work from loan company

Well if your car is out for repo, then the best thing to do is to either pay what you owe, or surrender the vehicle. In most states it is illegal to hide the car. So pay up or give it up. Why stretch out the inevitable and end up costing yourself more money?

Yes they know if your car has NO insurance and they will impound it since in the state of California it is illegal to drive without insurance and the insurance company reports it DIRECTLY to the DMV.When a cop pulls you over it they are automatically connected to the DMV database which informs them that the vehicle has NO insurance and the vehicle is then impounded..It takes the State of California Department of Motor Vehicles 60 to 120 days to be notified by the insurance company that there is NO insurance on the vehicle. No they have NO idea that it is out for repo

No and no and the word is repossession

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