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Can I change my mind and return a new car?
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Can I change my mind and return a new car?

Another dealership offered a better deal!Can I return the car and go for the one with the better deal?


Creative Mew
nope, it's worthless after you drive it off the lot. Car dealerships are not Wal-mart, there is no 30 day free trail, returns.

no, once you drove the car off the lot, it lost about 20% of its value, and the dealership won't take it back.

you're better off just selling the car, and riding the bus or subway

better hurry before they go out of business

In most states there's no 'cooling off period' which means you cannot change your mind and return the car.

mike s
Unless the vehicle is defective in the UK, the answer is NO!

no. a dealership might let you return it for a more expensive model, if they want to.

many states have a 3-day "remorse" law for *REAL ESTATE* purchases, and many people mistakenly believe it applies to cars. It doesn't.

You're stuck with the car. But the other dealership -- the one with the better deal -- maybe they'll take it in trade.

The answer is NO.

Once you sign the contracts and drive the car out of the lot, it's yours to keep. There is NO return policy on new cars. And why would the dealer let you return the new car anyways when they could have simply said NO and the sale is final.

However, you can probably sell the car back to the dealer at a discount, not the original price that you paid for the car of course.

If everyone does what you do by returning a new car because they found a better deal afterwards, everyone will always be able to get the best deal all the time, how else are dealers going to make money? Unless you find a line that specially says something like "We will gladly give you a full refund within 30 days" in the contract or something, you won't be able to return the car.

Uncle Jed
No people keep spreading the myth you can but the deal is No you cant return a car. There is no cooling off period. There is no 3 ,7 ,10 ,30 day return. The only cooling off period is for things you buy from home. The time to do your home work is before you buy not after........ Enjoy your new car...........md

No, you cannot return the car that you have bought. I would suggest that you read the papers that you have signed (I am normally scared of going thru the same as I feel that I cannot return my car, but if that is what it has to be, it has to be.)

- Read the contract.
- What ever the contract says, it is worth a try to visit the dealership )as soon as possible and speak to the dealership.)
- Let us know what happened.

Another site where a similar question has been mentioned is -

i would say yes but my husband and i just purchased 2 new cars and we had to sign a no buyers remorse or no cooling off period.. basically saying once we drove off the lot it was ours... as long as you didnt sign one of those you should have 30 days my friend... hey all it takes is a phone call to the dealer to ask them if your not sure, or if you dont wanna talk to them call anothe dealer and ask them... hope it helps...

You might not have to! I'm sure there is a small time frame, within 14 or 16 days that you're aloud to return the car but probably with a few fines here or there. But if you go to your dealership and say "Hey, listen, Im going to return this car because I found it much cheaper elsewhere" they might meet the price just to keep your business! Ask them, give them a little scare then if they wont budget, return it! Save yourself the money! What kind of car is it? New cars are exciting! :)

In California, the right of return only applies IF you pay an extra fee of about $150.00 when you sign the contract. And I think it only applies to used cars.

Really, if you did return the first car and went to the second dealer for their deal, it is likely they have some gotcha's that will make it end up costing as much.

When you try to return the first car, there is going to be a lot of yelling, screaming and bad feelings all around You are going to leave feeling guilty as heck because you didn't shop around enough. But really, you had to make a deal sometime and you did it. Sure you found a better deal alter but really, you have to live your life with no regrets and move forward. It is likely not a big amount of money overall anyway compared to the total cost of the deal.

btw you wont get all your money back. as soon as you drive it off the lot it goes down in price.

Not usually. In California, when you buy a new car, one of the papers you sign explains there is no 3-day right of rescission on the sales contract and that it cannot be returned.

Used cars can be returned within 3 days.

The only exception I know of is if the new car is a "lemon".

Once you drive if off the lot, it loses value and becomes a used car unless the dealer agrees to take it back

probaly...but they might kick and scream a bit...readyour warranty and sales agreement first

usually dealerships will give you 3-7 days to change your mind without penalty.

check with them specifically for the terms.

You'll need a lawyer to comprehend that mass of papers you signed!

yea usually within the first few days

I think you have a certain amount of days to return your car depending on the dealership you bought it from

You should be able to return the car within 30 days of purchase.

I think you have a 3 day right of recision..but it has to be within the 3 days or your sol

of course you can

josh w
yes u czan my man

Jerv M
but return it in a few days
not right away

In California you have 3 days to change your mind on a contract.

Check with another dealership and see what your rights are in the state where you reside. If you find that you are able to return the car, be sure and tell them the reason. They might be willling to rewrite the contract and give you the better price, rather than lose the sale to another dealer.

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