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Can I drive my car after buying tax on line while waiting for the disc to arrive?
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Can I drive my car after buying tax on line while waiting for the disc to arrive?


No. It clearly states when you purchase your tax online that you CANNOT drive the car on the road without a tax disc being shown. You must DISPLAY the disc in your car when you are driving it. Failure to do so is an offence.

YES. Print off the online receipt and carry it with you just in case .

Regardless of whether you have paid your tax or not, you would commit the offence of failing to display a valid vehicle excise licence (tax disk)

The offence is not DISPLAYING a current tax disc even if you have paid for one so make up your own mind.


mark g
no its illegal

No. The law states that all road vehicles liable to pay a Road fund licence must Display a current Road fund licence disc in the left hand corner of the windscreen. Failure to do so can make you liable to a fine and points.

The police are quite aware of current legislation regarding the displaying of a current road fund licence.

Modern technology has overtaken the current legislation and gives the police the ability to check a vehicle for ALL current requirements - Tax, Insurance and ,if required, MOT, without even stopping the vehicle.

The police will not prosecute for failing to show a current disc if the vehicle is shown to be in date on their computer.

I never leave my tax disk on my motorcycle as I have had too many stolen.

Yes! When you do it online as i do it says you can drive straight away, if you get stopped they can easily check on the database that you're covered! I needed to check this for myself at one point. I am 110% correct on this i promise you!

Yes. It will show on their systems when they run a check.

But also keep the receipt printout in the glove box to show any over enthusiastic 'special', 'community warden' or public 'do gooder'. This will prove that you have tax to people that don't have instant access to the police system.

The Shadow
No, you must have it on display in your windscreen otherwise its illegal. Even if you have paid for it, even if you have one but leave it at home instead of in the car then it is not legal and you'll face 3 points on your licence, a fine and possibly even having your car crushed.


There is a offence of keeping/using a vehicle on the road and failing to display a excise duty (tax disc) contray to sectoion 33 of the vehicle excise and registration act 1994.

(i) More often than not this offence is prosecuted by the Department of Transport (DVLA ). The police officer submits form CLE 2/6 (or CLE 2/8) direct to the department.

But you should note the below:

(ii) If other offences are involved then the police may prosecute on their behalf, but this is now quite rare, as DVLA can demand an instant penalty.
(iii) However also be aware that from 1/6/03 this offence may be dealt with by way of fixed penalty procedure by the police then and there

Which means that even if you bought the tax disc from the DVLA as long as the officer submits a CLE 2/6 or CLE 2/8 to the DVLA then the DVLA are un-likely to prosecute knowing you have bought it already but its no guarantee.

However it does not stop the police officer from giving you a fixed penatly notice themself which has to be paid regardless if you have bought the tax disc as the offence is simply not displaying it in your vehicle at the time its on the road.

yes because if the police check the database they will see that the tax has been paid for.


The One
Yes if your a bit worried print out the receipt and keep with you

Rick Mills
You will probably be OK; the DVLA computer will have been updated to say that you have paid your tax; however do bear in mind that it is an offence to drive without displaying a valid tax disc - so it would depend on how nice the police officer was if you were stopped...


Well, said Alberto
Yes: after all, you have paid for it.

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