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Can I drive my mom's car with her in it if I don't have insurance?
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Can I drive my mom's car with her in it if I don't have insurance?

I don't have insurance yet so would I be able to drive my mom's car with her in the passenger seat and still be covered under her insurance?


Computer Guy
It is the car that is insured, not the driver. As long as you are not excluded by the policy, you are covered when you drive her car. However, her rates will increase precipitously when you get your license because new drivers tend to have more accidents. If you are a sober and careful driver, you will think it unfair, but there are enough bad drivers to make the insurance companies cautious.

The only way it will cover you is if you are on your
mom's insurance.

Have Mom call her insurance company to know for sure. Do not believe "the car is covered, not the driver" unless you have a large bank account.

With a learner's permit, probably. If you have an actual license, you need to actually be named on a policy to be sure you are covered. A lot of policies wont cover un named drivers under a certain age.

No. You have to have an insurance in order to drive. Do you have a Liscense? If you don't no way!

Mrs. Amazing
it depends on her insurance. check on that. although you should have insurance .. period

Fire Fighter
No, Dude... Every driver in this country must be covered, somehow. That's the law. Although, many are not.
Not all insurance companies will automatically put you on her car insurance.
Ask your mom to add you on to her auto insurance policy. Or to make sure it covers you.
If you are under 18, driving her car, even with her inside and had a car crash without insurance, the other person could sue your poor ma's butt off.
And her insurance company wouldn't pay a penny to help her if you were not covered by her policy.
Good luck, sweetie. I hope you can get some coverage soon.

You would need to be listed as a part time driver on your mom's policy in order for coverage to be in effect.

Mark G
As long as there is not a provision in her policy prohibiting under 25 drivers then you should be ok.

Sincerely Yours
i you have a permit yes, if you have your licence no.

SRT4/Busa Guy
as long as there is insurance on the car. You have a DL i assume.

Queen B
if you have a license then yes. the insurance follows the car not the person. you can drive anyones car and be covered under their insurance as long as you have permission to drive it.

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