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Can I get in trouble if someone is caught driving my vehicle without a license?
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Can I get in trouble if someone is caught driving my vehicle without a license?

I live in Arizona
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Thank you for all of your responses, conflicting as they may be. I' am bedridden and do not have many options but it is nice to be informed.


Yes. Being unlicensed also means being uninsured. You would be responsible for any damages this person caused, and most likely, your insurance would refuse to pay. You can lose everything you own in this case. The minimum you can expect is paying the impound charges since he will not be able to drive the car if stopped.

Yes you can.

Brad F
?Yea you would be breaking the law

It always depends on the situation. My aunt-in-law loaned her car out, he did have ins. but he got in a wreck and the people that were hit are suing her for loaning the car out. On the other hand, my husband got in a wreck that totaled my Dad's car and he didn't have his license yet(years ago!) and the cop checked his permit(permit only allowed him to drive w/ a 21+ year) and told him to be careful going home. Did you already let them borrow it, or are you just debating it?? If you haven't yet, then I wouldn't. Better safe then sorry.

Scott H
Only if you granted them permission to drive it.

You will either have to report it stolen and risk having this person charged with a serious crime or you will have to own up to allowing them to drive it.
I let someone without a license drive my car and I was charged alongside him. It actually didn't even matter that my mother owned the car. I was the primary driver and the one who let him.
He had an ID that looked exactly like a license but with slightly different words and so I tried to go to court and pretend I saw this ID and thought it was a license. I was still found guilty.

Basically, yes, you will have to share the blame, unless you would rather this person have a serious scar on their record for stealing a car.

Yes you can be held liable for any damages they do,lose your insurance coverage, and perhaps even lose your license.

alot of it

No. the ticket would go to the person driving without their license.

Yes and No. If that person drives your vehicle and causes an accident your insurance will not cover them. So you, being the legal owner of the vehicle, can get sued due to your friends negligent actions. Since your friend isn't the legal owner of the car, if he gets caught they will not impound the vehicle. They'll call you to come pick it up. It's not a wise idea though to let your friend cruise around in your ride without a license.

My friend lent his car out once and had to pay for the damage himself...the person he lent it to had no license or insurance.
Dont do it!!!

Only if you know it,and you do, also your insurance is no good while you are letting him drive so how do you feel now? any state will be the same you are not above the law If you live in Arizona

Driving Instructor (BRAKE!)
Your car may be impounded - an unlicensed driver may NOT operate a motor vehicle. The unlicensed driver would be cited.
Is it worth the risk and the expense?

No. The person driving without a license is guilty.

I am not sure about you getting in trouble but I know the driver will for sure be in trouble!

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