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Can I sell a car if the title is not under my name?
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Can I sell a car if the title is not under my name?

The person I bought it from signed the title over to me but I have yet to go get it registered under my name.

Can I sell the car and let the buyer register the title under his name? (It's a clean title)


Not legally.
While some do this if the area that says who the car was transferred is blank, it is not legal.
In many cases this is not caught.
There is nothing that says that you have to put plates on a car to have the title placed in your name (in every state that I have lived in). But you do have to pay taxes and transfer fees.
So I just get the titles transferred for mine and pay the taxes and fees. It saves me from getting into legal trouble.

You need to provide an ownership trail by making out a bill of sale to take to the title transfer office along with the signed title and the bill of sale you got when you bought it. It would be beneficial for you to go with the new buyer to explain if there are any questions.

Just Me
Simply answered, no. Taxes must be paid and a title received in your name, before it is actually YOURS to sell. If in question if your state is different than most, check with your local DMV. Good luck.

Depends on the area you live in. Call the DMV for your area and ask them.

NO the car has to be totally in your name before YOU can sell it.

i think you can if you have a bill of sale , i did this one time myself

No. Get a new title in your name if you plan to sell. Why should the next buyer have to pay your penalty for not getting it done in a timely manner? And then pay the taxes that are your responsibility?

I do believe you have to get it registered under your name first, before you can sell it. Is their tax you have to pay when you register it? Check before you do.

Big Deal Maker
If you purchased the car and have the title in hand along with the bill of sale you are the legal owner of the car. You have every right to sell your car. Be sure to file the bill of sale with the DMV along with the release form to the DMV. It shows you have sole the car and this way no tickets etc. will come back to haunt you.

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