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Can I still drive a car if my dad died and it was in his name?
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Can I still drive a car if my dad died and it was in his name?

My Dad died almost a year ago and I just paid off his car to get the title. Can I drive the car and insure it under my name without going to court? What should I do? I dont want to sell it, I would like to just have it to drive.Please HELP!
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Also, there was no will and no administrator to the etstate...


you need a copy of his death certificate. whoever is the administer (no will) or executor( had a will) of his estate will need to take the letter given to them showing that they are the administer along with the death certificate and title to the car. they can then transfer it to your name.

You should ask your Motor Vehicle Department was are the proceedures for transfering title.

frederick f
take the death certificate along with the title and anything from the executor of his estate saying you are the executor or that you get the car and they will make the legal changes. If he had an attorney you should contact him to explain what's to be done

You need to speak to whomever is the executor of your father's estate to find out what the disposition of the vehicle is. It depends on who owns the car now. If your mother survived him, it is probably legally hers.

Not sure how you can do it..but my cousin did the same thing when her mom passed away.

I bought a car 30 days before my dad died with my own money he put title and every thing in his name to keep insurance down when he died i wanted my car the dmv made my mom, brother and sister donate me my own car so i think you might have to get the family to donate the car to you even though you paid it off of course this is louisiana i'm talking about we did all of this thru a notery its cheaper

Ed G
You should be able to DRIVE it, yes. But did you want ownership of it?

I'm not sure what State you are in, and it varies slightly, but essentially if you have inherited the vehicle ( presumably there was a will ), then what you need to do is 'Transfer ownership'.

You probably have to apply for a new title before the registration expires. Whose name is on the title is it your dads still?

Regardless of a will or adminstrative to the estate everyone with any ownership who has pass away should have their estate go through Probate Court. If you have an accident and your insurance does not cover all damages your FATHERS estate can be at jeopardy because the car is in his name. "In other words whatever he owns can be taken to cover the cost" Go to probate court and clear his name from the title and add yours. Good Luck!

dvla will advise you how to put the car in your name

yes no problem

An insurance company (who is more than willing to do whatever is necessary to get you to be their customer) can help you with these details. I bet most deal with it all of the time.

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