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Can You Drive Alone With A Permit?
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Can You Drive Alone With A Permit?

I currently live in california and im 18 and just got my drivers permit. i know some people say its kinda late but i didnt want to pay for drivers ed and such. Im starting college soon and i was wondering if im allowed to drive alone JUST to and back from school. ive read the other posts but nothings about 18 year olds, and i saw something on the DMV website saying you need a note or something from the dean,principal or something from school.
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Thanks a lot for everyone who replied, some peopel actually helpd and others gave a wrong answer. just a little info for everyone - if youre 18 with a permit, you could drive with another 18 year old with a license (in California) and doesnt have to be 21+ or w.e.


no you cant you need someone with you who is over 22 i think

James H
Cant drive alone without a license.

Legally. lol.

even if you were 50 years old...a permit is just that...it gives you 'permission' to drive, as long as you have a licensed driver with you in the car...

don't take that chance...you don't want your license to be taken away before you get it...or have points taken off...or even worst, get into an accident and harm yourself or someone else...

why don't you go on craigslist and post an advert. find out if there are any students who do have a valid license who has the same schedule as you and is willing to ride with you to and from? maybe you can get half your gas money that way as well...

but no sweets, if you cheat that way knowing that its illegal...karma will come to you in a negative way...

No...You have to have a licensed driver with you when you are driving with a permit...and that stands in ALL states.

NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Can we say TICKET!!!

NO. You are not allowed to drive alone until you have your license. It should say so on your permit.

Good luck in school.

all facts
No you are not allowed to do that and if you get caught driving without a licesensed driver at least 25 yrs old they can prevent you from getting your license until you turn 21.

Its called a "learner's permit" you are permitted to drive if you are learning from a licensed driver.

And yer, you have to attend a drivers school and show proof to the DMV that you got a certain amount of hours ( i think you need at least 6) behind the wheel.

as far as i know as long as you have your permit, you have to drive with someone who is licenced. So, no you cant drive alone with a permit.


If you want to drive back and forth to school you cant do it on a permit alone, but you can go apply for a school permit which would allow you to do so. Usually its a form and you go to the dean or principal, they fill it out and approve it and then you take it to the DMV

nope . yu could get in biggggggg trouble for driving without yur license and without an adult who HAS their license . soo i wouldnt risk being caught . :)

No, you can't.

What you saw on the DMV website probably referred to the probationary license. If you're under 18, then when you get your LICENSE you can't drive minors for the first year without an adult present. However, you can get around that rule with a note from the dean or principal.

Since you're over 18, that doesn't affect you. You can drive whoever you want the day you get your license.

Why don't you just call the DMV and ask them? I would think you would have to have a legally licensed driver with you. Call and ask. It only takes a minute and you'll know for sure.

nop. someone with a license has to be in the car with you., otherwise you'll get a ticket.

Bearly Sailing
NO! Look at the paperwork you received with the permit.

no. you need to have someone who has had their licence for atleast 4 years in the car..

law states that anyone driving with a permit must be accompanied by a driver who is at least 21 years old. Just go get your license...it'll make things easier

No, you can use your permit with a licenced driver 21 or over. You can also go ahead and just do it if you want, but if you get caught you have to wait another four years to get your licence. Just play it safe and drive with someone else or take the bus for a couple more months.

No. You must have a licensed driver in the car with you.

...wait once you're over 18 you should be able ot just get your license, and not a permit. when i took drivers ed there was a 17 year old in there adn the man said to just wait until he's 18 to get his license because that'd be faster. check again with your dmv. and no, you cant drive alone with a permit


SURE and if u get caught trouble will ride with u.Get smart,u sound like u are and have a good future in front. later


and you still have to take drivers ed

No. You have to be with a Parent/Gaurdian during any daylight hour.

Yeah in Mexico

depends on permitt if a normal permit then no but if a school permit thenn yes

heck u can drive without anything as long as u dont get caught and u should be super cautious if u dont have ur license u should even if u do just follow all the rules/laws and there isnt any reason for u to have any trouble with the law make sure u have insurance i drive my dads insured car so i dont have any problems

me and my friends used to steal our parents cars and go joy riding around the block back when we were 14....hahahhaa

this is some BAD advice... but if it were me i'd just drive by myself with complete disregard for that adult companion, 6 months, only between 7am-3pm whatever nonsense it is. i say don't, but if you do (which i personally would) just be an extremely good and obedient driver :D

actually i think as of Colorado and California i think if you have permission from parents o you have a drivers permit i think as long as it has to do wit school or work and have permission from your employer or parents or school district you can but just to drive around and pick up friends and hang out the answer is no.

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