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Can a car title be in two people's names who aren't related?
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Can a car title be in two people's names who aren't related?

So my car is almost paid off and I'm getting married this summer. My fiance and I were talking and the question came up... we're going to need to put the title in both our names after the wedding anyway (for insurance and whatnot), so can we just save a step and put it in both our names when I get the title from the bank?
I can't see why not, but I've never looked into legalities relating to cars.


Yes you can. Just call your bank and say that you want to add a name to the title. They can draw up the papers and get everything taken care of for you both to sign. There might be a fee for doing this, depending on the bank, but its not much. I was on a loan and title with my now ex-boyfriend and there was no problems with doing so.

Therese L
Yes. My boyfriend and I have both our names on our titles.

covering me
I put my friend car in my name. I wanted to know can we both sign the car title? I also want to know just to cover me is there anything I can do to protect me. Meaning if the car was involved in any accident or any tickets. I don't want to be held responsible not saying that my friend is irresponsible but I would rather be safe then sorry. Thank You in advance for your feedback.

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