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Can a repo man go into your property and take your car?
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Can a repo man go into your property and take your car?

Can a repo man go into your gated private property and repo your car or call police to get it out?


Yes they can... just did 2 repo jobs, both were on private property.

Why not - apparently, you went onto the dealer's property and took it.

yes if in driveway but cant go in your garage

That's their job isn't it? If you are not paying for it I would say it is time to be the bigger man and just give it back!

Yes,We can

the repo men have the right to take their clients property
because you have not been paying for your payments on the car

the cops cant do anything about it


Earl s
not legally, you can call the police to stop them from trespassing or breaking & entering. They are not allowed to take the car if you object. They can't use force.

The police won't help the repo man , a repo is a civil matter, not criminal

That Operation Repo show is full of sh*t

Obviously most repo men have no clue and can be sued for committing breach of peace.

However, when seizing the vehicle, your creditor may not commit a "breach of the peace" by, for example, using physical force or threats of force. Taking your car over your protest or removing it from a closed garage without your permission also may constitute a breach of the peace, depending on the law in your state. Should there be a breach of the peace in seizing your car, your creditor may be required to pay a penalty or, if any harm is done to you or your property, to compensate you.

Legal actions for repossessors in most states:

lying or tricking you
-hotwiring a car
-using a duplicate key to take a vehicle
-taking an automobile from a garage that’s closed but unlocked
-taking the car from an open garage or carport

Illegal actions for repossessors in most states:

-breaking into a garage with a duplicate key to take the vehicle
-taking the automobile after you or a family member objected at the time of repossession
-using abusive language or violence


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