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Can my apartment tow my car if my tags are 4 months expired?
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Can my apartment tow my car if my tags are 4 months expired?

I got a 48 notice saying my apartment will tow my car in 48 hrs. because my tags are 4 months expired..I thought cops can't even tow your car unless your car is 6 months behind on registration? So who gives my apartments the right to tow my car?


they dont have the authority! they can tow your car if for example, your parked in the wrong spot or something but for your tags, it would definetly have to be a cop. your landlords are trippin! tell them you talked to a lawer and you know they cant do anything hopefully they will back off, and they should feel like idiots for trying to act like they got some kind of power good luck ps i would move if i was you your landlords sound very pycho!

They do have the right and they probably informed you of it in the paperwork they gave you when you moved in. They also have the right not to give you a parking space - had that happen in an apartment complex - no where to park! Their purpose for towing is because they want the property to look inviting and fresh to future residents. No Rif Raf allowed type of thing. Just get it registered or move it to a friends house.

Scott H
"So who gives my apartments the right to tow my car?"

You did, when you signed the lease.

I lived in an apartment complex and you had to keep your registration current and maintain insurance on the vehicle. It should be spelled out in your lease paperwork.

It's probably in your lease agreement. Read all of it.

You would have to check the documentation they gave you when you moved in. You should also have copies of everything you signed. In all of that, there is most likely something stating that it is their property and you, as the rentor, have limited rights. In other words, they make the rules. You could always call a non-emergency law enforcement number to see what rights you have but I don't know how much that will actually help

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