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Can my daughter drive my car?
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Can my daughter drive my car?

My daughter is 17 and lives with us in our CA home. She has her license and has been bugging me to let her drive my car. She says she does not need to be on our insurance because she is an occasional driver and insurance follows the car not the driver. Her father will be getting her a car and insurance within the next 2 months, and she believes she doesn't need to be added to our insurance. My husband says she can't drive it unless she is added as a driver. Someone please help ease this drama in my home. Who's right in this situation?


King Felix
just add her to ur insurance or get her a separate car

its just a matter of time before she gets her complete freedom.

make sure shes a good driver though.

she needs to be added as a driver.

Im not trained on the insurance laws in CA. But where im at if a person lives in your home, and is a child under 18, and has a license they need to be added as a operator on the policy. I believe either way she would be covered because insurance follows the veh, but for safety sake just put here on your policy, it shouldn't increase your rates any.

george 2
when the driver is under 18 the insurance company wants them listed as a driver because they may think you are trying to get away without paying the higher rates for that person. and you would have to prove she was only an occasional driver and your definition and theirs may very. it could cause you a lot of trouble if you don't list her and something happens!!!

Unless you have a policy that covers anyone who drives your car (and that usually is someone over 25) she needs to be on your policy to be covered. Expensive lesson to be learned if you don't check with your insurer and she gets in a wreck. Actually, your husband could be ticketed if she just gets stopped, for letting an uninsured person drive his car.

I'm not sure, but youd better actually check into it. If she gets into an accident and she isn't covered, you'll be liable for whatever she owes if she was the one responsible for the accident. Not to mention that you would have to pay for hospital bills out of pocket if she got hurt and isn't covered. We're talking potential thousands of dollars, and even tens of thousands of dollars, even hundreds of thousands of dollars if something bad happened, and thats not the time you find out she wasn't covered.

Insurance is a big thing!!!

It depends on your policy really. Read your policy carefully and find out if it allows for unlisted drivers. Most likely, it will require that she be added. Insurance for a teenaged driver is hugely expensive. Tell her if she can't wait two more months with some patience and respect you may have to reconsider getting her a car at all.

If she lives at home and has a license she should have been added as a secondary driver when she got her license. Without her added, and the additional premium that will bring, she is not covered. If you read your policy it probably says no one under age 24 can drive your vehicle and be covered.

Your husband is right.

The Husband

call your insurance agent. She is right, in some states it does with certain insurance companies only. In other states or with other companies it does not. Only your agent can tell you for sure.

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