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Can my mother rent a car without a license but I can use mine at the age of 20?
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Can my mother rent a car without a license but I can use mine at the age of 20?


Rental car agencies have minimum ages that correspond to insurance age ranges. For example, your insurance premium goes down at 25 because it is 'assumed' that you have reached a level of responsibility (and won't do something stupid).

The rental agency feels the same way -- that at 20, you are not a mature enough driver to protect their investment (the vehicle). Their statistics say that young people are more likely to drive impared, speed, take chances, or simply not be skilled enough to stay out of accidents.

So, they won't rent to her, because she is not a licensed driver, or to you because you don't meet their minimum criteria. Even if Mom has a licence, they would not add you on as an additional driver. You 'could' get another adult to rent the vehicle -- but if ANYTHING happens to it, be prepared to pay top-dollar for any repairs, PLUS the rental fee for as many days as it is off the road.

Different car rental places have different policies. Some won't rent to anyone under 25 though. Or they charge more if you are under 25. However.....any renter needs to have a valid driver's license. That is something consistent across the board.

You can't rent a car without proof that you can legally drive.

Just Me

No. She has to have a license. At most places, you have to be at least 25 to rent a car. Sorry, you are both SOL.

No, they will not rent a car to anyone without a license and auto insurance. Some place rent cars to 18 and over, some 21 and over. You'll have to call around.

now you know thats not possible and who would rent someone are sell someone a car knowing they would be liable if something happen duh

It won't happen. If you did manage to rent a car and your mother drove it if she was in an accident you would be liable for the damages. Plus both you and your mother could face criminal charges.

Ms. Kitty-Cat Lady

casey w
To be able to rent a car you must be 23 years old as well as have a valid drivers license

No!, it has to be the person who rents the car with a license. They can put your name on it also as a driver, but the person who rents the car in their name MUST have a license. You will also need a credit card so they can guarantee payment. but you can pay cash for it after you turn it in. They will just take the charge off the credit card.

No the driver has to have a valid license.

The renter must have a license.

Make some calls to car rental places and see what their requirements are,but you do need a license and be 21 or over..............

No. You must be a licensed adult to operate a motor vehicle. Period. Even if you were old enough to rent the car, if she got in an accident, you would be liable for the damages and insurance wouldn't cover it because she was not the authorized driver of the vehicle. Use public transportation.

No, they won't rent a car to someone without a license, and most national chains ALSO won't rent to someone who's under 21.

if u live in mexico

it's not going to work and careful you guys could be sued for fraud

you will probably be able to rent the car in your name and she could "cosign" for you. usually if you are not 25, someone else has to sign. and you usually can't rent without a license

Generally I think that she cannot rent the car. You can rent, but are going to pay a premium for being under 21.

is it illegal to rent a car to a person who has no drivers license well pay less car rental did that's against the law right

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