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Can someone own a car yet have it insured in someone elses name?
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Can someone own a car yet have it insured in someone elses name?


In the UK...

It's possible but many insurance companies insist that the policy holder is the registered keeper and/or owner of the car.

If they are going to be the main driver, but I would not do a "clever" fiddle like insuring it in your mother's name as main driver and actually becoming the main driver yourself. That is a form of fraud

its done everyday

chris at hornchurch
yes all business have employees insured for example but none of them own the vehicles.
for individuals it can also be done but depends on the insurance company. some like Tesco insist on the owner being for example the main driver or vice versa.
I had to register our other car in order to insurance acceptance even though we both live at same address ,are married and share two cars with an identical amount of driving and usage each.


I could legally be the owner of a car and be named on the V5 document.

But as I don't drive, the wife can be the insured named driver of the car.

Alistair Aranhba
Yes you can do it, when you are Gifting it to some one
But you have to buy it in your name first and then put out the car papers to the other

yes it's done all the time.

S Csparky
yes my daughters car is covered by my company insurance,!!

Yes, doen with my dad..lol ^.^

i was wondering because the insurance would be cheaper in my mother in laws name, but i dont want to sign the title over to her just incase me and my husband split up. so can i keep the title in my name and the insurance in hers

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