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Can the poilce impound your car if ur caught driving with a provisional license? ?
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Can the poilce impound your car if ur caught driving with a provisional license? ?

even if the car is taxed, mot, insured.


You are not allowed to drive unless you have a qualified driver with you.

Yes they can, if you're driving unsupervised by a qualified driver. Btw, the car will not be insured if you're not qualified. The best plan of action is either to ensure you have a qualified driver with you when you drive your vehicle, or to accept lifts until you've passed your test.

If you were driving on your own then yes they can because your insurance is invalidated, the terms of your insurance being that until you have a full license you must be accompanied by someone who has been driving for 3 years. Honestly I know it's awful because you are probably a more competent driver as a learner than someone who is behind the wheel with a full license and plastered, over 80 or drugged to the eyeballs but sadly it's the law - come on get that test passed - if I can do it anyone can!!!

Yes they can and will, if you have no licence then you will not have any insurance, the car can be taxed left from someone else but you need a licence to get insurance.
So answer is the Police will take your car and crush it if you dont produce your licence/insurance and pay the £110 to remove it from the pound.
Sorry bud

Yes if you are unsupervised as this makes you insurance invalid. So they can.

Please punctuate properly folks.
You mean driving unaccompanied? In which case your insurance does not apply - driving without insurance is the most serious motoring offence - and without applicable insurance for the car and situation you are in, you can expect "your" car to be crushed, if your local police are operating a "zero-tolerance" policy, which many are. Read that again. Not just impounded, with a large fine payable, but crushed.
Is this your situation? Have you, as an unqualified driver, been out alone? We don't need such people on the road, and if this is what you have been up to, expect the big, heavy book to be thrown at you, and rightly so!

The Police were given new powers this year, whereby they can impound any car that does not comply with the road traffic acts.This covers mainly driving without Insurance, but also applies if you have no MOT ot road tax or the correct licence to drive.

Snakeman !
Yes they can !

AND the only way to get it back - is for someone qualified (usually the owner) to collect it - They will have to produce proof of ownership and valid insurance certificate, and their full licence.

They will be liable for the cost of towing and storing the car until it's collected - currently around £150 for the recovery fee, and £30 per DAY the car stays impounded

Moral: DON'T drive unaccompanied while you're still a learner !

alvin f
Motorists driving without a licence or insurance face having their vehicle seized and crushed, police have warned.

Uninsured drivers were more likely to drive an unroadworthy vehicle or be involved in an accident or a hit and run collision, police said.

The Police Act 2005 gives officers powers to seize vehicles.

yes i believe they can, as your not taxed, insured to drive it as a learner driver, if you did not have an experienced one with you.

Just William
Yes. If you are caught driving illegally you are not insured and if you have an accident and kill somebody you could leave a family penniless. Sad to say there are many people who do not care about the misery they leave behind them.

Gizzard Puke
Yes, because you do not have the correct licence to drive the vehicle. If they believe you are likely to return to the vehicle when they have gone and drive it they will impound.

If you have not got ALL of what the law requires then they can and will crush the car,and a good job to always been legal so why should we pay for those who are illegal,sorry mate but that's how I feel.Popa

Yes they can, every state have a law regarding this issue but all say that driving is a privilege for you, not a right. so do your research in your state..

yep they can! (pigs!!)
unless you have L plates and someone with you that has been passed for 3years or more and they have to be insured!

No they cant, dont worry

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