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Can you drive a car at the age of 16 legally?
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Can you drive a car at the age of 16 legally?



The only time you can is if you are registered disabled and have the car as a mobilty vehicle or if you live on one of the isles (I think it is the isle of man)

Not in the UK on the roads, but you can on private land.

Yes you can. There is some sort of restriction however, i beleive the vehicle must not be equipped with a reverse gear. There was a car called a Bond Mini Equippe it was a three wheeler the front wheel turned 180 degrees and although the car was in forward gear it obviously moved backwards. It was a two seater and could be driven legally on public roads on a provisional licence without a qualified driver being present. It was i am sure regarded as the same class as a motor bike. Try researching Bond Cars or the laws appertaining to three wheelers.Hope this is of some assistance to you. P.S. I used to have one although not the most comfortable, a little awkard, a bit of inventive contortionism, a lot of cooperation, a few gin & oranges, you could still get a very enjoyable shag in it.

Yes, you can drive a car. But you need signature from your guardian.

I think you can only drive at 16 if you are on private land. At 17 you can apply for a provisional and start taking lessons but before that age no.

Ruth B
In the US you can get your driver's license at 16. So if you are a licensed driver, then yes you can drive legally at 16 in the US.

I think it all depends on where you are
In Fl. you have to have a licensed driver over 21 in the passenger seat and no minors in the car, Plus you have to have a restricted license.

David M
It depends on the state you live in, but yes you can drive a car at 16 in most of the USA but you need to complete drivers ed at school to do so. Its call a graduated license. if your in agriculture you can get a valid drivers license at the age of 14 to drive a truck during the picking season. Good Luck

jeff k
I know that you used to be able to drive at 16 in the Isle of man, but on main land Britain.

Actually in the UK you can drive at age 16 but only if you are recieving the higher rate mobility comonent of DLA. For everyone else it's 16

In California USA, you have to be 18 years old to drive legally on public roads. You can apply for a driving license at 15.5 years old with limitations on driving times.

depending on the law where you live i could i had my drivers permit at sixteen and the summer of that year i got my license its a curfew when you have to have someone 18 and older with you in the car and you could on have one other passenger in the car with you if theyre under 18

Yes, you can in the UK, but it is only for a certain class of disabled drivers. It isn't commonly know but try www.dvla.gov.uk

Paul D
In the UK, the surprising answer is yes, HOWEVER you are not allowed to drive on any public highway. You are allowed to drive any vehicle on private land with the vehicle owner AND the land owners permission.

Michael H
No, not in the UK on a public road.

However, you can drive a tractor on a public road within the boundary of your holding number !

150 BPH, 5foot diameter wheels, park on ANYTHING....

go get one.

Timothy C
Depends where you are, in Ohio you can get your permit at 15.5 and have to hold it for 6 months before you take the test so yes you can.

it depends on what state you live in. different states have different laws when it comes to the legal driving age.

yea i have been driving for a year in a couple months. legally. Today i just turned 17 its my birthday!

danny s
depends in which state your in

Not in the UK - you need to be 17 for your provisional license that will allow you to drive on the roads with an instructor or another driver. You then have to pass your theory and practical driving tests before you can go out on your own.

Helen C
Not in UK


Sir Sidney Snot
Not on the road

Yes as with a provisional licence and an instructor.

Robert Abuse
No, not in the UK. Some other countries are not as sensible as ours, so maybe abroad you can drive at 16. Quite ridiculous of course.

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