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Can you legally drive without a driving licence?
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Can you legally drive without a driving licence?


Yes you can. As others have said, if you have a learner's permit (which is not a driver's license) you can drive as long as you meet the requirements of the permit. (Licensed adult driver with you)

You also do not need a driver's license to drive on private property not open to the public! For example, if you live on a farm, you can drive cars and trucks on the farm property as soon as you have parental permission and your feet reach the pedals! A vehicle being driven only on such property doesn't even need to have tags!

You can also drive a race car on a track without a license, at the local dirt track, 14 year olds can race!!

yes, on a learners permit with a licenced driver with you.
Take care....cya....

It might have changed but before you could drive a rock truck, which is any truck without high gear and you didnt need a licence or be a certain age

Chris B
Not on any public roadway! Even having a learner's permit has further restrictions in addition to having a licensed driver in the car with you at all times. Those restrictions are made and enforced by the issuing state. Check them carefully.

Private property driving is another matter. This is where one does not have to have a license to drive. There may be more but again, check them according to the state in which you live.

Yes, if you own a farm and are driving on your own property only.

There are a couple of countries that don't require driving licences. I think East Timor is one of them.

Sure. On any closed course on private property. But not on any public road.

Or, on public property with a learners permit and a licensed driver of the proper age in the front seat with you.

Otherwise, no.

Marine Wife
Yeah, with a permit and someone over the age of 18 with a license in the car with you.

♥ tigereye ♥
No. The only way it can be done, is if you have a learners permit (it's not a license) and a licensed driver of a specific number of years in the passenger seat. In my state its 5 years.

John K
No, if you could, there would be an influx of people in that certain location. LOL.

chelle B

No, you must have possession of your driver license when driving.

Nedra E
NO.... if you have no license, there is NO WAY you can drive legally.

If you go to the motor vehicle department, and if you can get a lerner's permit, you can drive ONLY if you have a licensed driver accompanying you. But you have to study and learn the driving rules, and the permit is only good for a limited length of time. If you do not take and pass the driving test in that time, then you can NOT drive at all.

No No No.

maddog malone
No, think about the negative consequences that could happen if you god forbid get into a serious accident and either seriously mame someone or even kill them.

If you are just learning to drive, you will need a learners permit and an experienced licenced driver of least 3 yrs with you.

Grand pa
No most area your insurance not valid . If your a minor your parents can lose every thing DONT DO IT

No, you need to pass the written test to drive with a person with 3 or more years driving in some states.

Dag Drahmr
As long as you don't get caught who will know? A lot of people feel that away, anything you can get away with is right.

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