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Car Registration Document Is Not Proof Of Ownership?? What is? Finance Documents?
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Car Registration Document Is Not Proof Of Ownership?? What is? Finance Documents?

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Oracle, im not sure why anyone has to lie about who the registered keeper is in order to get cheaper insurance!. In my experience, i have stated honestly when a car is in my name or even my mums and put my husband as a named driver(he hasnt been driving as long or had insurance before)and its been fine. I wasnt aware the registered keeper made it cheaper, i believe its the lead person insured that matters!! BUT thats my own opinion!


A receipt saying the car is paid for in full. The registration document is proof of KEEPER not owner.

The Registration shows the registered Keeper.

A receipt or bill of sale for the sale of the vehicle to you is the proof of ownership.

The registration document is only to show who the registered keeper is. That is the person required by law to tax and insure the car and keep it mechanically sound etc.

Ownership is a separate issue unless it becomes fraudulent.

Where a Young driver owns a car and the parents register it as theirs in order to get cheaper insurance it is a criminal offence and it has recently been announced that the insurance companies will be taking action in that regard.

That means the parents get charged with fraud. The insurance is invalid so the driver gets charged with driving without insurance etc.

The title!

if you buy a leasing car you never are the owner you can do
whatever you want but at the end the car have to return to
the same company you cannot sell it to a third party.

The finance documents will show that the vehicle is owned by the finance company - which it is until paid for.

PS Willow, I guess you're in the UK - if so the American references to the "title" are erroneous, there's no such thing here.

The actual title. Everyone needs registration whether you are still paying on the car or not.

I am sure that it is proof of ownership, I can't think of any other document. Perhaps a receipt as proof of purchase, but then that could be forged.

Registraition should be enough proof of ownership, unless you are paying off a loan on the car. If you are not, try the title, if the title is not in your name you should probably transfer it to your name.

There are two documents: The first is the Title for the vehicle. it will show you and the finance company as the owners until the vehicle is paid for completely. Then you would have to go to the local DMV to get the title changed to your name only once you pay for the car. That' s usually a small charge by the DMV (about $7-$10) to do.
The second is the agreement you have with the finance company in writing that shows how much and when you are to pay for the vehicle. That is a legally binding document. It is actually a contract between you and the finance company and when you pay off the car, the contract is finished; but it is up to you to ensure that the Title ('pink slip') is chnaged to your name only once you pay off the vehicle.
Good luck.

do I need any other proof of vehicle ownership other than the title as proof of ownership when other co-owner dies,the vehicle isnt paid off yet.

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