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Car accident whos fault??!?! NEED HELP?
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Car accident whos fault??!?! NEED HELP?

okay so basically i was pulling out of my schools dirt parking lot which is directly next to the side of the road. and basically i pulled out into my lane and 2 seconds later a car crashed into some parked cars i was parked next to. the thing was i pulled out into my lane before the crash. and at first the cop said i was alright becasue i wasnt phsycially involved in the crash. and now the guy that hit the parked cars his dad is a captain in the police force. he had a word with the cop that was going to write the report. now the cop switches his mind and tell me its my fault. my car was not hit nor did i hit any car.

heres a picture of the thing, my car is the blue one.

Additional Details
is the cop allowed to do that? tell me at first its alright, than after tell me its my fault? my car wasnt even involved in the accident..


then if it was your fault it would hit you but it did not, get a good lawyer adn explain it to your insurance, it is not your fault, you did not got hit
it was the guys who crashed into the cars use common sense

It could very well be you fault. From reviewing the diagram you linked to your question, if you where pulling out from a side street or parking lot onto a main street, you have a duty to make sure the lane is clear. If the other car is already established in the lane and you pull out in front of them then the liability will rest on you, even if you didn't hit anyone or get hit. You are the contributing cause. He might be saying he had to swerve to avoid hitting you since you pulled out and that is why he hit the parked cars. You liablility insurance coverage should protect you and they should be the ones doing the investigation and determining if you are majority at fault.

The police do not determine who is at fault. Unless the reporting officer actually saw the accident happen what he puts down in his report is hearsay and wouldn't be admissible in court as evidence. It seems the other driver overreacted to the situation and lost control of the vehicle (which is why you never swerve unless you're trying to avoid a person or a flaming wreck). If they are going to pursue this then report it to your insurer and tell them you're denying liability, however this will probably have to go to court to determine fault (your insurer will pay for your defense).

If your action was deemed to be causative then yes, you can be held liable - meaning, if, in taking evasive action to avoid you (because you failed to make sure it was safe to pull out), the driver that had the accident hit another car, and that can be proven you can be held liable. They would need to prove it. If the other driver overreacted its not your fault but if you failed to make sure the way was clear before you pulled out ... you are in trouble!

I sure hope they aren't going to frame you dude.
This is definitely not your fault, you were just there!
Make sure you get any witnesses' phone numbers because they might just save your day here.

If you need, these can be good http://locate-power-of-attorney.info/

good luck.

Whomever got the ticket will be the one responsible

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