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Dealership sold me car without title, what can i sue for?
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Dealership sold me car without title, what can i sue for?

A dealership, Autoline of Norfolk (located in norfolk,VA) sold me a car without a title on June 8, 2008. I took a loan out through Navy Federal Credit Union, and now Navy Fed has raised my interest rate because the dealership never gave them the title. I have permanent tags but i was pulled twice by the cops and the plates are not registered in Virginia. DMV said that the car is not in my name and has 3 previous owners. The dealership keeps giving me the run around tellin me the plates are coming but i know they are lying because i purchased the car 8 months ago. So now, i cant drive the car, cant go to work, cant drive to school, and this is really frustrating.

Can somebody please tell me what i can sue them for and would this be a civil case or what. (I'm not familiar with the whole court system thing.)



Go to the dealership and ask for the manager. Tell him that you are on the way to DMV to file a complaint against the dealership. Get your contract,go to DMV and file. Go to the credit union and kick up some dust about raising the interest rate. Tell them that you have filed a complaint with DMV and they need to stick with the original interest rate.

misrepresentation, to start. Get a lawyer!

Try contacting the "district attorneys office" in Virginia. They are in charge of fraud cases.

It sounds like something you would have to take up in civil court. I have to wonder if they even had the title to begin with and if they didn't and sold the car without a title, they could get into some serious trouble.

Chris D
they could be easily be selling cars illegaly without a licence or he could have stolen it.... im no smart guy on this but ive seen plenty of law & order =P. now that i think about it see if you can hire a lawyer and talk to him you can ask him for professional help. to see what you can do

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