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Do drivers license points transfer from one state's license to another?
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Do drivers license points transfer from one state's license to another?

I've got a few points on my NJ license and want to know if I move to Tennessee will those points carry over or will I have a clean slate?
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How the **** do I extend this???


all points carry over what the heck is everyone talking about lets be real here, they follow you where ever you go just like a police record , so come on guys!!

On your Drivers License they want, but on your insurance they will.

Well they do and they don't.
When you move to a TN your new licence will not show the points you accumulated in NJ. BUT as soon as you change your Insurance to a TN policy (or buy a new TN policy) the Ins Co will want to check your driving record going back 3 possibly 5 years so they will ask for your NJ licence number and run a check on it. The rate you will be charged on your policy will depend on what they find on your record.

they carry over

Nope points don't carry over. Previous violations and points can be still be seen if an insurance company looks up your driving record. Can't get rid of that.

If TN and NJ have a reciprocal agreement, your points will go with you. Check with an attorney.

No. Points don't transfer from state to state.

only in the tri state area(nj,pa,ny) do the points carry over. you should be good in tennessee, don't ask, don't tell

Nick O
but of course. how else are going to rape your "tushee" for a lot of insurance money...

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