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Do i need insurance to drive my car to a mot?
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Do i need insurance to drive my car to a mot?


Chazza xx Baba due 4/11/09
Yes you do, get somebody ele (who is fully comp) to drive it

An easy answer, yes.

The MOT is a seperate legal requirement to insurance and Tax, but all 3 are required to be legal, unless the car doesn't need an MOT, less than 3 years old, or tax exempt.

You always need insurance to drive a car regardless of whether you are going to an MOT test or not.

It amazes me that some people think you don't!

of course, what would happen if you had an accident on way
THE MIND BOGGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You also need to make an appointment for the MOT and drive straight there. If it fails you are not permitted to drive it home.
But of course we all do.


hayley m
yes u do

Yorkshire Pudding
Yes you do. It doesn't matter where you're driving to.

Sir Sidney Snot

Michael H
yes. its that simple.

rick b

kirsty m
yes, you are meant to have insurance on a car even if its just parked up on the side of the road

Yes. You must not drive your car on any road without insurance.

You definately do need insurance to drive it for an MOT.If you have an accident on the way then you are not insured no matter where you are going,your then looking at points on your licence which will bump up insurance. Dont risk it.

bob a builder
as far as i know even if the person driving the car on there own policy is fully comp the car they are driving still has to be insured . i might be wrong but im not 100% but you need insurance to drive your car to an mot . You can also drive your car to a mot station if it is not mot`d as long as it is booked in and the garage has your reg number . i think ?


Cliff E


Yes you do

I f you are driving on public roads to the test centre then yes it is a legal requirement to drive on roads in a car with insurance without mot it negates the insurance as a car has to be road worthy to be insured same with tax etc , no win situation really , anyone who says otherwise has not been nicked for this recently and runs the risk of certain forces impounding your car and crushing it through their zero tolerance policies for motoring offences and should the car fail its mot the garage is with in its rights to report an unroadworthy vehicle being on the road , though they tend not to for business reasons

No you do not need insurance to got for an Mot test. PROVIDING that you have a booked and confirmed appointment.

I don't think so, if that's the real reason for the journey and you go to the garage by the quickest route

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