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Do you get a licences plate when you buy a new car?
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Do you get a licences plate when you buy a new car?

Let me elaborate from my subject question. I bought a new car and I recieved a temporary paper license on the back of my car which expires on 12/28/07. Now my question is, are you suppose to go to the secretary of state and get a permanent one or does the dealer mail you your plate. I asked this because I asked my brother and he said no the dealer will mail you your license. As you know its 12/24/07 now and I have no license plate from them and the SOS office is closed today and tomorrow due to Christmas and I work from 9-5 so its so hard to get in there when they close at 5. I went online to try to do a license renewal but i dont know my PIN number for my registration car. I have the vechile number and insurance policy but no PIN? (That or i can't find it on my paper work.) Whats going on here? I need help! Maybe i'm not suppose to go to the license renewal part since its not a renewal but actually NEW license, but i couldnt find that part on the SOS web page. HELP!!


The Eagle Keeper
Contact the dealer to see if the plates have been mailed to them. That's what happened to me this year (Feb 07). Rarely are plates sent through the mail in fear that they may get stolen. Many dealers here where I live, just take all their applications to the Sec of State office and buy them directly. Since you paid for them, it's nothing out of their pocket except time. I would call the dealer asap!

The dealer should have your plates.Call on Wednesday they may bring it to you.Happy Holidays

well u pay for them when you buy the car, its included in the price and when i bought my car they mailed them to the dealership and i had to pick them up, it only takes a few weeks so you gotta call them and see if they got them yet

Uncle Red
Depends on the state, Missouri transfers the plate to the new car, however some states you do get new plates, you should get a call from the dealer or at least they should let you know the paperwork and title are in and ready to be picked up.

Call the Dealer, they do this everyday in your state....

did you buy the car from a different state than one you reside in, I live in North Carolina but bought my car in Pa. I did not pay any state taxes and they put a temporary in-transit plate. I then went to the nc license bureau, paid the nc sales tax, fees and received my plate. If you bought it from the same state, then they are mailed to the dealer and the dealer should contact you to pick them up- I think you should call the dealer and ask where are they,

Lover not a Fighter
Call the dealer - or look on your purchase contract. If you see "registration" as one of the itemized list, then they should be doing the paper work for you.

But sometimes the new car dealer will NOT - especially if you are out of state buyer. But you may also fallen into some paper trail crack.

Call them and find out.


Good Luck.

State laws may vary. I would contact the dealer and ask for help.

Pedro S
pick up phone call dealer..they will do all the work if you want...cost 10 to 20 dollars plus DMV cost...or call/go to DMV...

I always get my plates tranfered it is less of a problem. You have to go to the car dealership and pick up your plates, they should be there now. But to be on the safe side call to make sure.
Some driving license facilities are open on Saturdays, if you go you dont need the pin number. You really, really need to take time and take care of this.
Happy Holidays :)

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