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Do you have to get your permit when your already 18?
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Do you have to get your permit when your already 18?


no I doubt it.

House M.D.
It depends on the state. Some states require you to have taken the written exam for a permit before taking the road test for your license. Check your state's Bureau of Motor Vehicle's website.

Yes. I'm going get mine and I 18; that's so dumb. I should protest :) LOL!

It depends on your state. For most, the answer is "no."
In most states, if you do get a permit, you have to wait at
least 30 days to take the test. The most accurate answer
will come from the the testing office.

It may vary from state to state. In New York, my son had to get his learner's permit even though he was 20. However, once he got his license, he didn't have to go through the six-month probation of not driving alone at night.

It depends what state your in, in some states you don't need it when your eighteen and some you do.

you don't have to, but you do have to be over 15 in some states
16 in mine

what to drive cause here its 16

please be specific,permit on what?

Eskimo Mom
Yup, you have to have a permit if you don't have a driver's license, even if you are 18. Sorry!!

Yes everyone must have a permit from a minimum of 1 week before getting license

nope i didn't in fact i didn't even take the drivers test i was 24 when i got my license lol

Patricia G
do you mean for driving....then yes you do...i got my license at 22 and I had to get a permit before I could take the road test.

no, but you still have to take the tests for cali at least

Yes because you didnt get it. You can't just jump to a liciense because of your age.

michael f

Yes because you need to have a permit to take your road test, go to your secritary of state and they will give you one with a waver that lets you take your road test

If you mean you're learner's permit to drive, you can be any age past 16.

yes but you don't have to keep it as long

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