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Do you pay car insurance every month or every six months?
Find answers to your legal question.

Do you pay car insurance every month or every six months?

Need it for the class I'm in now.
Help quick!


If you have good credit and are low risk, some companies allow you to pay monthly, but will add a charge for doing that usually. If you are high risk, or have bad credit, they will want to be paid in advance.

If you're asking what I do, I pay yearly since that saves me money on insurance.

Steve B
Depends on your company.

At State Farm, we quote you originally a six month premium, so you know every year about how much you'll be paying, but we accept payment monthly.

Unless of course we, or another insurance company, say otherwise, most people pay their premium monthly.

Hope this helps!

It depends on the company you're with. Most companies offer a monthly payment plan. Most policies are 6 months long, though there are some that are 3 months, some that are monthly, and some that are annual. It all depends on the insurance company.

Vikrant G
it depends on the insurer. you can either pay full amount in one go i.e. annually or you can pay monthly which is inclusive of some % interest charged by the insurer.

hmm.. in my country , we pay the motor insurance annually.

pay mine 6 moths at a time save money and dont worry bout it

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