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Driving without proof of insurance in colorado?
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Driving without proof of insurance in colorado?

so i was pulled over for missing my front license plate, and when the cop asked for my insurance card, i didn't find it. i have insurance but he gave me a court summons for driving without my insurance card and for having one license plate. what will happen in court and is there anything i can do about the driving with no proof of insurance since i do have insurance? even if i cant get it removed will the price of my insurance go up?
Additional Details
ok but does anyone know if these kind of tickets affect the price of your insurance?


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Damian C
If you can get the court to remover the charge, then no, your insurance won't go up. Also, if a front plate isn't required in your state, then the charge has to be dismissed. Also, make sure to bring any proof of insurance and written information from your local department regarding the front license plate if you indeed don't need the front in your state, good luck!

The Realest Answer
I live in Colorado... Broomfield, as a matter of fact.

You can most likly get the "driving with no isurance card" summon's dismissed.

but your insurence will probably go up because you got pulled over...

and because you were missing a license plate.

It's That Guy
Driving without insurance is very serious. But having insurance and not having the card is really trivial. The court will ask if you have insurance, and if so you will be given a chance to show your card (remember to bring it with you! Very important!) Then the charge will be removed, or reduced to $10 or something to cover paperwork costs.

It's the same with a missing license plate. If your car wasn't registered, that's a big deal. A missing license plate will require only that you replace it, whatever is involved in that. Probably a fee is involved. But you won't get points on your ticket or get a big fine or anything. You haven't broken any serious laws.

what you have is a fix it ticket. Some states allow the front of car to not have a license plate some require the vehicle to have it. Just show up to court with your insurance card and make sure that it is still valid! the judge will wave the ticket and it doesnt go on your record (state or insurance) it is a common mistake.

I live in Colorado and on Friday night i was pulled over for my back light out. i could not find my proof of insurance, The police officer impounded my car and gave me a ticket for no proof of issurance and imponded my car. Do they have the legal right to do this? I might have forgotten to pay my insurance as i pay monthly and it is due at the end if the month and i have a 30 day grace period. the officer was accusing me of forging the restration and plates. he asked me why my plates expired 1/20/10 but my registration said plates were not due until 3/2011. he was kind of mean. in the end he gave me a ticket for no proof of insurance and the backup light out. I have no idea what to do. he gave me a curtious ride back because i had no coat and could not find a way there. my car is at the impound. i have to call them on Monday and i am not sure if i will have the money to get it out. i asked the officer could i find someone that had insurance to drive my car to where i am living and he said no. Do i have any recourse action or is this the law in colo?

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