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Had a car accident the air bags didnt come off, should i sue the car company?
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Had a car accident the air bags didnt come off, should i sue the car company?

i was hit in the back of my car a kia spectra 2007 then i hit the one in front of me. the front of my car was totally wrecked.
my air bag didnt come off, should i or can i sue kia?
Additional Details
my chest ws injured because of the seat belt!. got bruises and a lot of pain..
the accident happened in the highway, where usually cars run over 50 mph


jonathan b
the world is crazy to get a quick buck. stop suing people and just live your lives

Ben Linus
The deceleration from the frontal impact likely wasn't violent enough to trigger the air-bags, especially if you got hit from the rear first and then just pushed into a car in front of you.

Just because your car's sheet metal is all smashed up in front doesn't mean the force of the impact was great enough to necessitate the air bags deploying. The air bags won't deploy if the car/air-bag sensors determine that the the impact of an airbag hitting you in the face will cause greater harm to you than simply not deploying them and letting the seatbelt do it's thing without the airbag's "help" in less violent front-end crashes.

The air bags almost certainly functioned (or didn't function) exactly how they were designed to function to maximize your safety.

No,,, you can not because they do not pop out very easily.
they are designed for major accident.

Howard L
Air bags do not automatically go off when you are hit. The deceleration must be severe enough to trigger the air bag deployment. Getting hit in the rear will almost never deploy an airbag; the car must be hit in front. Although your front was heavily damaged you were pushed into the car in front so you probably weren't going fast enough to trigger deployment. From your description it sounds as if the system worked as it was designed to. You can always sue but I doubt you'd win.

The original Peter G
UK air bags only operate at crash levels where the seat belts are not enough, typically at impact speeds above 30 mph. They are a last resort system, designed to minimise injuries in a major accident. You would not expect to escape unharmed in an air-bag crash.
In other countries where not wearing seat belt is not not uncommon they work at much lower speeds as low as 5 mph in US

NL Concorde
you wouldn't of hit the person in front if you were a safe distance behind them, driving or waiting in traffic. it really annoys me how people have to find someone else to blame! there needs to be a fairly big whack to trigger them(airbags that is), i think my car the airbags won't go off unless yours over 20kph, otherwise airbags would be going off for all little 'fender benders.'

if you want to waste your money go ahead and 'try' and sue them, i am sure it won't bother them in the slightest.

Wow, a lot of idiot sue happy people in this one. What would he/she sue for? They didn't say they were injured did they? Also, "totally wrecked" is subjective. I'm an auto damage appraiser/estimate writer and my "totally wrecked" isn't what someone elses would be. Also, the "totally wrecked" part of the front end could've been the hood, it could've been hit up high on the front end totally missing the air bag sensors.

People have this notion that just because the front end is hit the air bags should pop. If that was the case EVERY car maker would be getting sued out the *** because people would needlessly be getting injured from the air bags popping when they weren't needed.

Here's some advice to the sue happy people, don't quit your day jobs, you're not lawyers nor are you educated in air bag systems...don't offer advice like that without getting the whole story. The person that asked this question didn't provide all the details necessary to offer any type of solid advice. That's left up to the car professionals and lawyers...then and ONLY then should legal action be taken.

No wonder why this country(assuming we're talking the US here) is going to hell in a hand basket, silly, stupid sue happy people.

Brett S
No. They'll shut you down quick, I promise. There are a lot of possible reasons why your airbags didn't deploy. A bad sensor, which can be a common thing in cars, could be the problem.

If you hit the car in front of you at an odd angle, that may have also prevented them from deploying. It all depends on the point of impact. Some angles are worse for the airbags than it would be if they didn't deploy.

That's something you should talk to the dealer you bought it from about. Not the corporation. If something malfunctioned on your car after you purchased it, it's out of the corporation's hands. If it even DID malfunction. The airbags not deploying may have made a big difference in the outcome of your injuries...

Don't just sue because you are angry.

If you truly believe you sustained your injury (and need to be reimbursed for damages) because of a real defect in the car, go ahead.

One of the best ways to judge whether you have a case or not is see if an attorney will take your case under a contingency which means you don't have to pay them unless you win. If they will do that, then they think you have a case because they don't want to spend their time unless they really believe they can win.

You should sue yourself for buying something as cheap as Kia.

Paul Aka-Twinkie
YEs dude call them rtell them what happen get your inshurence involved with this ad Bam ur gonna get allot of money out of this

Gail A
yes definitely! airbags should be one of the parts that the manufacturer should be aware of and it is very important. That is one of the FAQ when buying a car.


hevan yes! that isnt a safety standard car!

We had a Kia Sedona 2002, the air bags on drivers side and passenger side didnt work. Speed of 18 wheeler 60 hit the left back bumper and tire ( which busted) and pushed the van into another 18 wheelers back left side. crushed the whole front of van and pushed the hood into the window, and the glove department was pushed in to floor board. Also, the whole top of the van was peeled under to the middle of the van. Passenger door fell off and the passengers seat broke, alone with the middle seats. Both people lived and came out with just cuts and bruises. Everyone said, they shouldnt made it, they are walking miracles! So with this great of impact why didnt the air bags work?

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