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How Can i Make a Insurance Company Pay Me DIRECTLY for my MEDICAL BILLS from a CAR ACCIDENT?
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How Can i Make a Insurance Company Pay Me DIRECTLY for my MEDICAL BILLS from a CAR ACCIDENT?

I need HELP! I was hit by a drunk driver and long story short i am in the process of a settlement which i am already getting screwed but i just want it over and done! Now the guys insurance is Limited he has 30-60 coverage which means i cant get more then 30,000 now the offer is 15,000 and there not budging anymore. Now my medical Bills are 17,000 so there trying to make me pay 2,000 out of it! Lol. I no GET A LAWYER! But if i do the lawyer automatically gets 33% to 40% so that means if i do HE HAS TO WIN THE WHOLE 30k for me and still i end up with about 18,000 so its not worth risking it even the lawyer said so. So I WANT TO AGREE TO THE 15,000 AND I CAN TALK TO THE HOSPITAL AND THEY WILL MOST LIKELY LOWER MY BILLS AND I WONT LOSE ANY MONEY. BUT NOW THE INSURANCE HAS THE NERVE TO TELL ME THAT THERE GOING TO PAY THE HOSPITAL DIRECTLY THEREFOR I WONT BE ABLE TO NEGOTIATE AND I WILL BE STUCK PAYING 2,000! So please if anybody can help! HOW CAN I GET THEM TO PAY ME DIRECTLY SO I CAN NEGOTIATE MY BILLS AND NOT TAKE A LOSS FOR A DUMB DUI DRIVER HITTING ME? Oh and by the way i spoke to other insurance Companys and the lawywer and people with experiance and everybody said the same thing THEY GOT PAID DIRECTLY THEN PAID THERE BILLS. SO I DONT NO WHY THIS BCH Is making my Life a Living hell.. THANKS EVERYBODY AND THE INSURANVE COMPANY IS FARMERS AKA *******


Go ahead and negotiate the medical bill now.

If the hospital agrees to take a lower amount, have them put it in writing for you. Something like: if $xx.xx is paid by xx/xx/2010 the account will be considered paid in full". Then you can give that to the insurance company and they can pay the reduced amount.

Do you have health insurance? If yes, and it's Medicaid/Medicare or Tricare then the insurance company has to pay the medical providers directly.

If you don't have any health insurance then the hospital may have sent a lien to the insurance company. In which case, the insurance company has to pay the bill directly. They have to protect the lien. But, I see no reason why you can't try to negotiate the medical bill now and get the reduced amount in writing so that can be sent to the insurance company. That way, they know it's ok to pay the reduced amount.

get an accident and causality lawyer get the best ones if you have injuries you could sue for a lot more they're not bulging because u don't have a lawyer.and a good lawyer will win the 30 thousand

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