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How can they suspend my drivers license if i never had one?
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How can they suspend my drivers license if i never had one?

i went to get my license for the first time and they told me that they have ben suspended three times already for getting arested do i really have to pay them 800 $ or should i get a lawyer ive never even had one!!


FIRST- find out what it was suspended for. they can suspend or revoke licenses for felony convictions, or driving without a license. Since you seem surprised, I would guess that it was the first and not the latter. If they state that it was a driving offense that you didn't commit, verify the full name, DOB and Social that is on the conviction, and on your license number. They may not be able to release the information to you, but they should be able to confirm if it matches. If everything matches, and you truely didn't do it, then you will want to file a police report for Identity Theft and then follow up with it to get your record clear. Also, find out if the $800.00 is past fines, or reinstatement of a license or both. If it is past fines that HAVE been paid, bring in a copy of the receipt.

I had a moving violation in Florida, under a Mass license. I went back to Mass and blew off the court date.

Florida then, without my knowledge, issued a bench warrent for failure to appear and then also issued me a drivers license and immediately suspended it.

Years later, not knowing this, I moved to Florida.
When I went to get my 1st Florida Drivers license at the DMV, it all came up on the computer and I left there in handcuffs.

Have you been arrested and received fines you didn't pay? If the answer is yes, your license is suspended whether or not you actually had a license in hand or not. Pay the fine and get the suspension removed if you want a license. If you haven't been arrested and fined ask for a formal hearing before the board to get the matter resolved and show it wasn't you.

Lou A
how can they suspend something that you never had? i can see where they might not issue you a license if you have been convicted of say driving under the infulence without a drivers license.

Fred C
If you have that arrest record, such as for car theft, or vandalism, and that includes juvenile, then they gave you a driver licence number (not an actual licence), so it could be suspended. The $800 has to be paid or you will never get a licence anywhere. I have seen this many times, including the son of a really good friend, who was convicted of car theft/vandalism at 14. His share of the damage assessed was over $600.00, and he had to pay when he went to get his licence. A lawyer will cost you more than $800 and you will still have to pay the $800. If you do not have that record, if it was not really you that was arrested, if you were a victim of identity theft, then get a lawyer if you cannot straighten it out with DVL/DMV.


Youre a victim of ID theft!! You better do get a lawyer to straighten it out.

sounds like id thieth , you have to report it to the police to clear it up.

Sir W
Please let them know this may be the identity theft and ask them to help you to provide evidence of your own records.

That my man, is a damn good question! How is it our government operates so efficiently I ask? When you get the answer, do us all a favor and post it here! I'd be very intrested to read your answer!

800 bucks sounds cheap. If you really have never had a drivers licence because you weren't old enough, the idiots at the DMV should have known that, but usually, they can't think straight because their uniforms are hand-me-downs from other departments and often three sizes too small.

They should be paying you 800 dollars.

Contact your state representative and the Ombudsman of the state. We live in an elected dictatorship and this is happening more and more. Your rights are being taken away before you even get them.

I never had license and then suspended my license for a couple of dui and driving without a license now after so many years the bill is real high qhat can i do

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