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How do I find out who this car belongs to?
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How do I find out who this car belongs to?

If someone went into the side of me, and my car is damaged. He does not want to go through insurance, says it wasn't his car it was a courtesy car. He is willing to pay a garage to get the work sorted, but I have found out that this work he is on about it not the right thing. Also, he expects me to book it in (by the way, I am not that stupid) Is there a way of finding out for FREE who this car actually belongs to.

Only genuine replies please.


Additional Details
Hey, thanks for all your replies.

OK, real situation. My step son - just passed test, got car, parked in Petrol station, guy reverses into the passenger door. OK his car is not perfect, but hey he has just passed his test, well about 5 months ago.
I know the registration number, I know the guys name, I know where he works.

Obviously with my step son being younger this guy thinks he can walk all over him.

We didn't contact the police at the time.



Dreaming Dead
If he refuses to give you his policy number for his insurance, call the police straight away. He probably hasn't got insurance or a driving licence.

Call your insurance company, and they'll handle it for you as long as you have his reg plate number.

Here's a site to try and track down the owner....


Eva x

Uncle Red
Oh ya if you have been in an accident you NEED to have a police report so should this guy go funny he can be legally traced.
This guy may be on the up and up but hey TODAY I would make sure you butt is covered, You don't have to have the other car present for the police report, go to the local station for the area of the accident and if on a highway the state troopers, and have a report filed. It matter not who actually owns it, and then if the guy BS's you, then go to the rightful owner and say hey he was driving your car.
Get an estimate that YOU are happy with and get the car fixed where YOU want it fixed not the other guy who has a "SPECIAL DEAL" with his brothers uncles sister in laws husband...

sounds very dodgy to me ..... contact your local police they will deal with it for you, if he is sooo keen to pay for the repairs himself I would say that there is a VERY good chance that he is driving around with NO insurance and possibly NO licence... its drivers like him that put all of us honest drivers premiums up ... the only thing you can do is REPORT HIM

Brian A
The police are free. File a report and contact your insurance company. You don't owe him any favors. Too many people get screwed over trying to be nice to somebody that just smashed up one of their most valuable possessions.

Gerry Atrix
In the USA see uncle Red's answer.

In UK report to the police and give them as much detail of the other car as possible.
They can check if he is insured etc, They may have some questions for the other driver

The Doctor
I doubt it.

Cheryl B
Have you thought of going to your local police station, they might be able to confirm if the details he has given you are correct.

Did you get the drivers liscence of the car, and call the police when the accident happened. Hopefully there is a police report that has all the other guys car info as well as yours. If not the DMV can tell you if you have lisence plate no. who it is registered to. Good luck




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