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How do I get my car legal? please help.?
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How do I get my car legal? please help.?

I am 16 years old from Missouri,I am a new driver. I have a 95 ford taurus and I was wondering how do I get my insureance, tags, anything else I might need to get my car legal and how much does that stuff cost. Please help. thank you!


it differs by state, so it is best to go to Google and find the DMV for your state. The DMV website will have all of this info broken down for you.

Go to Google and type "Missouri department motor vehicles".

contact your state dmv office for tags, you can get quotes for insurance online or by phone (try geico, state farm, all state, etc.), also make sure you get state inspection and emissions done (you need a tag first)

You parents have to register the vehicle for you and insure it. But you need to be listed as a driver on the insurance policy. Get a job so you can pay for the registration fees and insurance. Don't make your parents pay for it. But legally you cannot enter a contract until you're 18 so you cannot insure it or register it on your own. It shouldn't be expensive because it's an older car and you should just carry liability

Chad D
Going on how much it costs by where I live (chicago) you should plan on $200 for plates and registration and about $80-$100 a month for insurance. Insurance should be cheaper than that if you get on your parents insurance plan. If they'll let you.

Rates vary from state to state, but if you go through the phone book, there should be plenty of insurance companies listed, or you can look them up online. As far as getting it registered, you'll need to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles, or similar service in your state. Information on that could probably be found at www.missouri.gov

Im not sure what the prices would be for Missouri, you would need to go to your local DMV to handle most of it though.

First - I'm fairly certain you must be 18+ to get your own insurance. Your parent(s)/guardian(s) will need to take care of that for you and have you covered under their policy.

AFTER you get insurance (have them fax the insurance cards if your in a hurry), you'll need to take proof of insurance to the DMV and get the vehicle registered.

If your state does State Inspections you will have 10 days after registration to get an Inspection done.

In NY state Inspection is mandatory and about $20.00, Registration is $120.00 and Insurance will be dependant on your parents records, the car, car security, your age, etc. and most insurance you will need to pay the first 2 months up front. In FL state, no inspection is required, but we need to pay $225.00 for registration.

I have linked missouri's DMV web site for you.

Here is a link to the Missouri DMV FAQ's page. You can probably find what you need there. http://dor.mo.gov/mvdl/motorv/inquiries/index.htm

you cannot get insurance until you are 18

Larry Snider
go to the mvd and ask them


I think you are going to have to get the car registered in your parents name until your 18th b-day. Then they can get the insurance on the vehicle with you listed as a driver. Won't be cheap. Sorry.

by registering it

u BUY a car, not boost... jk... register

The The's

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