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How do i find out if my license is suspended?
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How do i find out if my license is suspended?

my insurance on my truck got cancelled last month.how do i find out if my license is suspended or not?


Debroah A
Amanda H, Try getting an online insurance quote It's free and quick to do. http://www.simpleautoquotes.com/Auto-Insurance.html

Good Luck!

Steve Stifler
Call your dmv or secretary of the state and see if they if they can help you, sorry but that's all I can think of.

I would call the Insurance Company that canceled you.Or go to the Insurance agent or broker and give them a bit of face time. They will give It up. Tell them or ask them "Why did you cancel my policy? If you have been paying on time etc, they should tell you why. Good Luck. Also:
If someone calls the DMV and requests info on there license he/she isn't going to get It. Do they know who exactly are they talking to? I think not. That would require that you go there. No, the Insurance company is your best bet,here. They might even run your license for you to check It. They do have the where with all.

If you lived in Maryland, you would have turned your plates in from the truck. Did you turn the plates in? What would they want to pick up your drivers license for?

Heather V
I agree with lar there....

Why would your license be suspended if it ws the insurance that was canceled? Not granted it IS illegal to drive an uninsured vehicle but you still have a valid license so you should be just fine on your license.

Call the DMV. They will tell you.

Rod Knocker
Run a red light or blow a stop sign. When you get pulled over, the cop will tell you if it is suspended.

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