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How do i get my driver license ?
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How do i get my driver license ?

well i am 14
i have no idea how to get it no clue what so ever


it ALL depends on what state you live in.

in CALIFORNIA, you must be 15 1/2 to get your permit. if you are under 18 years old, you must first take a driver's education course (you can find one online, or they probably hand out ads at your school) which is usually like 8 hours a day for four days. you'll receive a certificate upon completing the course, then you go to the DMV and take your permit test. i believe the test was 40 multiple choice questions and you're allowed to miss 7. after receiving your permit, you must wait 6 months before you can take your driver's license test, during which you must complete 50 hours of practice, including 6 hours with a professional driving instructor (behind the wheel training). after those 6 months and completion of behind the wheel, you can schedule an appointment at the DMV to take your driver's license test.

well in canada you have to be 16, i just got my g1. i read the book and then went to a test center where they ask for your birth certificate and all that sort of stuff, bring any sort of identification you have, and then they do and eye test and give u the written test. your probly in the states but in canada ur only aloud to get 4 questions wrong out of 20.

Go ask your dad

Xandra K
You can't get your driver license until you get your permit. I'm fourteen, too. So yeah, duh. If you're birthday is in 1995, you can't get it until your 18. But, I'm in 1994 so i can get it when Im 16 :D

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