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How do i tax my car in the post office?
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How do i tax my car in the post office?

i have passed my test this morning! (yay). I have a car with no tax, insurance or MOT. I know how to insure the car and MOT it, but what do i need to take to the post office to tax it? I dont want to do it online



You will need your registration document. your insurance certificate, and mot certificate.
There should be forms in the post office (ask at the counter for one if they are not on display.
Fill in the details and take it to the counter with a cheque or cash and bob's your auntie.

First you need a valid insurance and MOT certificate, they will not issue a tax disc without either of these.

Do not even move your car without insurance.
Once you have insurance, you can drive without an MOT only if you are driving to or from an MOT test centre.

Kerry K
the car needs to be insured and have a valid MOT certificate before you can tax it


You need to insure it first, then book an MoT. You can drive untaxed to the MoT appointment. Then, you can tax in person at any Post Office branch that issues tax discs or by post to a selected Post Office branch or DVLA local office.

Take or send:

*Registration Certificate or New Keeper Supplement.

*completed V10 ‘Vehicle licence application’.

*insurance certificate or cover note – must be valid when the tax disc comes into force.

*valid MOT certificate - if the car or motorcycle is over three years old - must be valid when the tax disc comes into force.

*the payment.

The New Keeper Supplement can only be used for taxing for two months from the date you bought your vehicle. If it’s out of date, you’ll need to apply for a Registration Certificate in your name.

Jacq F
My advice would be better to take your MOT certificate and Insurance certificate along with your car registration document to your local DVLA office and they will take care of it while you wait.


You can find your nearest local office by searching this link

Dunno m8... But Congrats on passing.. :)

Srithar S

To tax it at a post office you do not need to fill in any forms. you need to first insure the vehicle then make an appointment for an MOT and get it tested, if it passes you then take the following to a vehicle licencing post office.

1 Registration Document or new keeper suplement (if less than 2 months old) or the renewal notice.

2 Certificate of insurance or cover note

3 MOT certificate

4 Payment (can be cash, cheque or debit card)

They will then issue a tax disc then and there.


You need to insure the car and get an M.O.T
When you have these documents,take them to the post office and they will fill in the form for you to get tax.
You need to take the M.O.T and insurance docs with you.
Well Done

you just need to take your insurance certificate, and your mot certificate. youll prob have to fill a form in, i think its a V10 form. but they will tell at the po. you cant do it online until they send youa renewell form, then its so much easier

you cant do it at the post office unless you have a renewal notice,

you need proof of insurance, proof of MOT, and your tax renewal letter

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