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How do you convert a salvage car title to a clean title?
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How do you convert a salvage car title to a clean title?

I recently purchased a car with a NC salvage title and my insurance company won't insure it for anything more than liability coverage. I spoke to an adjustor for the insurance company and he told me that if I can find a way to get a clean title they will fully insure the car. Even if it comes up in the VIN history report that it formerly had a total loss claim, they will still fully insure the car. The process has been done in the past to defraud people into buying a car that's not worth as much but I'm just trying to work this out so I can insure my car with full coverage.


Are you wanting to go to jail for insurance fraud? There's no way you can turn a salvage vehicle into a non-salvaged vehicle. and believe you me, there's alot of VIN history the general public doesn't have access to...so don't try it, you'll get caught.

Clevis D
No legal way to do this. The Gremlin guy is nuts -- Alabama has been a title state since 1974.

This website is an awesome resource for information regarding slavaged vehicles:


According to this information, "If the buyer repairs the vehicle, he or she may apply for a new certificate of title. When the car is sold again, it has a clean title."



I'm not completely sure but I don't think you can do that. The title is a document that shows the cars previous owners and potential accidents or if it has been rebuilt. If the title is altered from the truth, you could get into serious trouble.

Take your car to a state that does not use salvage titles. Here's a list of such states:

Arizona, Arkansas, California, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas, Vermont

About the only way I know to do this is A) have the title transferred to a state with no salvage title ( Virginia doesn't have any ), or B) get a receipt for it thru Alabama, they don't even use titles to register an older car, not sure if that would translate into a regular title once you try to retitle it to your home state. But I think you'll need to go to a state that doesn't have salvage titles to get the car retitled first, then transfer it back. Good luck!
- The Gremlin (car) Guy -

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