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How do you report someone with no auto insurance?
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How do you report someone with no auto insurance?

I know someone that has had no auto insurance for over a year. How do you turn them in. Who do you call?
Additional Details
first of all I just asked a simple questin. I did not put all the information because I did not think it was important to know why I needed to know. The full details are not important to any one but me. It was and is just a SIMPLE questin. If you don't have an answer without being rude please don't answer!


There is no way to turn them in, and you have no real reason to to so.

Rather than worrying about someone else's insurance situation, take care of your own issues.

You may want to look at the reasons that you want to report people for things that do not concern you.


David W
It's really none of your business unless they crash into your car.

why do you want to be a rat /just mind your own business,get a life and get over it.

don't make waves. just leave it alone

Mind ur business, maybe they can't afford it, some of us are just plain poor. Not like you have to pay if they crash, little tattletail.

Nathan M
If you really don't like them you wouldn't report them then when they crash big, the'll be done for. They would get what they asked for.

you can try the police but i doubt they will do anything.

but you can try.

You should call your insurance company and ask them. They for sure will know.

ill tell you why he's right...I was hit buy someone with no ins. I got screwed.. If I claim it on my ins. my rates skyrocket. This is what ins is for. you all would be mad if someone with out ins hit you, believe me.

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