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How long can a vehicle sit in an auto impound lot before you can not retrieve it?
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How long can a vehicle sit in an auto impound lot before you can not retrieve it?


Max B
Why are you asking us? Call the lot and ask them.

A yard operator can not do anything with your car until the value of the car is exceeded by what you owe them.
Most yards will haggle when the bill gets high. remember it costs them money to do the paper work to get a title released.

in California depends on the value of your car: from 30 days (if value less than $4,000.00) up to 6 months

depends on the impound lot. you would have to call them and find out. everyone is different

You have to pay the impound fees or the car will be auctioned so the owner of the lot can be paid their fees...think you only have 30 days or so before they start auction proceedings...heck call the lot and ask!

All the way up to the point that they hold a lien sale for an abandoned vehicle. Varies by state, but generally if you have left it over 30 days without contact it's abandoned.

it will set there till the bills on it are taken care of.
I think after a few months or so, they have the legal right to do what they want with it.

A LONG TIME HERE IN CANADA LIKE 6-12 MONTHS it just gets more expensive to get it out as you pay lot fees per day!

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